Music is faltering every now and then

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Windows 10 desktop, Intel Core i5-7400 T CPU 2.4 GHZ, RAM: 8,00 GB, Roon 1.6 build 416

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Asus RT-AC87U, Wired upload 123Mbps download 121Mbps

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Devialet Expert 250 Pro connection type Ethernet

Description Of Issue

When I stream music from Tidal or Qobuz the music is faltering every now and then. With Qobuz more frequent then withTidal. This afternoon almost every number.

Hi @Rene_Snel,

As suggested above, we had an issue with loading TIDAL & Qobuz content over the weekend that has since been resolved. Are you still seeing these issues?

If so, can you confirm if this happens with all endpoints? What if you play to System Output of the Core machine?

Hi Dylan,
Yes, I have still problems. When I stream Qobuz High res (192kHz/24 bits) the music stops regularly. At this moment it is not possible to stream this kind of music. When I play to System output or with AIR the problem does not occurs. Only when I play with Roon Ready.

Hopefully we can fix this problem as soon as possible because I’m in a trail period of Qobuz. Do you have any idea what is causing the problem?

Best regards,
René Snel

Hi @Rene_Snel,

It sounds like this issue only affects your Devialet zone while paying in Roon Ready mode. If this is the case it is a known issue, please see John’s post here for more information:

Specifically, the following information is most pertinent:

Bottom line: This issue can only be resolved by Devialet. We have offered our technical assistance to their team. We plan to reach out with further technical feedback with hopes that we can assist their investigation and expedite a fix to affected users.

In the meantime, our recommendation for users experiencing this issue is to use the device’s WiFi connection if possible. Some have reported that placing Expert Pro behind a 100mbps switch enabled use of Roon Ready playback without encountering the slow media error, however this “fix” is not endorsed by the Roon team as we cannot guarantee this will resolve the issue.

I would try using your Devialet via WiFi to see if there is a change in behavior. Thanks!

Als eerste wil ik aangeven dat ik als nieuwe klant zeer tevreden ben over de geluidskwaliteit van ROON.
Echter het probleem met high resolution streamen met ethernet en Devialet is een domper.
Ik ben speciaal overgestapt naar Qobuz hiervan gebruik te maken en nu werkt het niet zoals het zou moeten.
Overigens stream ik nu via wifi, dat werkt acceptabel, zeker niet vlekkeloos.
Ik heb een aantal vragen over dit probleem en algemene vragen wellicht dat jij die kan beantwoorden.

  • Is het zinvol dit probleem zelf ook aan te melden bij Devialet? Uit de reactie blijkt dat het een bekend probleem is alleen wordt er niets mee gedaan.
  • Verwachten jullie een doorbraak in dit probleem met Devialet?
  • Is de geluidskwaliteit met wifi minder dan via ethernet?
  • Is het verstandig om de Core op een aparte server te draaien. ( bijvoorbeeld NUC8i3BEH)
  • Wat is het voordeel van ROON ROCK?
  • Kan ik mijn mijn jaarabonnement omzetten naar een lifetime membership? Want ondanks de problemen met High Res stremen ben ik zeer tevreden.

Alvast bedankt voor je reactie.

René Snel

(Translated by Google)

First of all I want to indicate that as a new customer I am very satisfied with the sound quality of ROON.

However, the problem with high resolution streaming with ethernet and Devialet is a damper.

I specially switched to Qobuz to use this and now it does not work as it should.
By the way, I now stream via WiFi, that works acceptable, certainly not flawless.

I have a number of questions about this problem and general questions that you may be able to answer.

  • Is it useful to also report this problem to Devialet yourself? The reaction shows that it is a known problem, but nothing is done with it.

  • Do you expect a breakthrough in this issue with Devialet?

  • Is the sound quality with WiFi less than via Ethernet?

  • Is it wise to run the Core on a separate server. (e.g. NUC8i3BEH)

  • What is the advantage of ROON ROCK?

  • Can I convert my annual subscription to a lifetime membership? Because despite the problems with High Res curdles, I am very satisfied.

Thanks in advance for your response.

René Snel

Hi @Rene_Snel,

I have translated your message to English since I don’t speak Dutch :slight_smile:
Let me address some of your questions:

You can certainly report the issue further to Deivalet, but at this point I suspect they are aware of this issue since we have reached out a few times. While we at Roon are eager to work towards a resolution, I have not seen any new information surrounding this issue appear.

I would check Roon’s Signal Path to make sure that it looks the same for both WiFi and Ethernet, but I am not aware of there being any differences between these two types of connections, just how the music is being delivered.

Yes, it wise to have a separate PC/Computer act as the Roon Core as this would allow the NUC to only perform one job, which is to run Roon. Since your Windows PC performs multiple functions and has less processing power dedicated towards Roon, separating the applications will help.

We have a Knowledge Base Article regarding Roon ROCK. This is a Linux-based operating system that we designed to only run Roon. It has the advantage of not being impacted by operating system updates, other applications using processing power and can be a “dedicated” Roon Core which it’s only function is to manage your music library.

Yes, you can. I can’t speak for the specifics for this process, but I will start a private message thread for you with our accounts team and they can answer any questions you may have.

I ordered a NUC7i7DNHE in order to use ROON ROCK.
Because I have problems with my Devialet with Ethernet I have to use Wifi.

I assume that WIFI works with ROON ROCK and the NUC7i7DNHE. Is that right? Is there also a description of how to set up the wifi with ROON ROCK? So I use wifi to high resolution streaming?

Hi @Rene_Snel,

We suggest that you connect ROCK via Ethernet to the router, as we don’t often test WiFi and we have often found that connecting via WiFi often provides a sub-par experience. The Devialet can still remain connected via WiFi to the network, but the ROCK setup would be connected directly to your router.

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