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I have a strange problem (I think). I have installed the 1.8 Roon Legacy application on my iPhone/iPad and logged back in. I have music playing, but where does is coming from?

My Mac?

The Roon application on my Mac does NOT run and still I have music. When I start up the Mac Roon application I see no music is playing… but the music IS playing.

Can someone tell me what’s going on here?

Kind regards,

Hi @Nick_Huizenhaar,

To aid Roon’s support team, can you edit your post and complete the details requested about please.

In the meantime some questions from me:

  • Where is the Roon Core install?
  • On what device do hear the music?
  • Have you checked that iPhone, iPad and Mac Roon applications are looking at the right audio zone?

You have installed RoonServer, which is controlling your music.

music playing to your Majik DS.


The Roon core is on my Mac. But it’s closed and is not online.
I hear the music through my sound system. (Linn streamer)
I do not have audio-zones, only one streamer :wink:

But I understand my music is now playing via the Roon server.

A… it’s coming from the Roon server? I installed the the Mac application again from the Roon support site, but my Mac says it’s the same program as already on my Mac.
I installed the Server application aswel, so it’s playing via the server to my Linn Majik steamer you say.

There was a few questions in your post, but I didn’t understand what you’re asking. Can you please rephrase?

Yes, I’m sorry. I was very curious where the music was coming from. You answered this question, the music was coming from the Roon server.

Can you explain to me what the difference is between the Roon core application and the Roon server?

And… can it be that the sound quality/balance is different? I think I hear more mid’s.

Thank you!

Roon is a user interface + the “Roon Core”, which is the brains of the Roon system.

RoonServer is just the “Roon Core”. It has no user interface. To use RoonServer, you must use Roon or Roon Remote (like on an tablet or phone).

You have RoonServer installed and running and playing, and my guess is that you used Roon on the same machine to connect to your RoonServer to start audio playing, but now the Roon is not pointing to the RoonServer so you cant find the audio system.

How were you set up before? Just Roon? It’s probably best if we get you back to how you were…

No changes should have occurred regarding sound quality, and your Linn box should be quite “far” from all this so it shouldn’t be affected.

Ah okay, the server is without a UI. Yes, before i used (of course) the Roon core on my Mac.
But only for DSP settings. But now i do it on my IPad.

But you say I can get to the way before? You can set me back?

Over the sound balance. I’m pretty sure it’s a bit different now. I had to change some of the filters I had made in the EQ section.
But I shall listen tomorrow again. Maybe I’m tired;)

Thanks for so far!:+1:t2:

  1. stop roon server on your mac. you will need to do that from the menubar
  2. remove roonserver from your Applications folder
  3. install Roon 1.8 Legacy on your Mac from here:
  4. reboot the mac just to make sure everything is starting fresh
  5. start roon and confirm all works!

if you manage to upgrade your Mac OS in the future to 10.15 or higher, you can upgrade to Roon 2.0 using the instructions here:

Okay. Thank you! I shall try it later this day :+1:t2:

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