Music is playing on Roon and showing on the DAC screen but there is absolute silence

We tried out the free version of Roon 1.2. We last night took out a year’s membership on the release of 1.3. The download proceeded without hitch.

The core sits in our mac mini and reads from our NAS. The NAS is in turn linked by a physical ethernet cable to our dCS Rossini dac in the next room.

We can not get any sound at all.

We can see the music is playing on the dac screen but there is absolute silence. We are doing something wrong, that I realise.

Can you help?

Are you using the exact same setup as with Roon 1.2?

When you say you can see something is playing. What do you mean?

I have to ask, there is nothing muted in the chain?

When you click the signal chain light or star on Roon what is showing ( a screenshot of this would be useful).


Hi sjb. Thanks for your reply. Yes, exactly the same set up - only difference being 1.3 replaced 1.2. The dac has a small display screen - when playing a track you can see its details and that it is playing. I’m guessing something has inadvertently muted whether by my hand I don’t know.

Can you post a screenshot similar to this?

There is a volume button on the right hand bottom of the Roon display, if you press this what does it show?



Screen shots attached.

Rapidly reaching the end of knowledge as everything looks okay there, except I don’t understand the system output part, this looks like you have grouped 2 zones your Mac and the Rossini.

Try ungrouping these and see what happens.
Press the 3 dots bedise system output.


Thanks sjb but still without sound. I appreciate your help. Perhaps someone from Roon support?



Sure, first of all I’d like to clarify few key points:

  1. Can you give us more details about your setup ? Use this FAQ as a guide
  2. What exactly happening in Roon when you try to playback the file ? Do you get a blue bouncing bars in front of the track which was picked? Seekbar is moving ?

Thank you.

We downloaded 1.3 last night. 1.2 played perfectly so no changes in how anything talks to each other.

The core sits on our mac. It access the files on our NAS. We have approximately 3500 albums there. The NAS is connected to the dac via an ethernet cable.

If you look at the earlier correspondence between sjb and me you’ll see I posted some screen shots.

The bar your refer to is bouncing. I will very happily provide you with anything you ask for it may take a while for me to grasp what you need exactly as it seems 1.3 is offering so many more control features and I’m certain the fault here lies with how I’ve so far set things up so please bear with me. Thanks!

Hi @anon64543105 ---- Thank you for the follow up and the continued feedback. Both are appreciated! Moving forward, may I kindly ask you to please provide me with the following:

  1. A screenshot of your “audio” tab found under settings.

  2. A screenshot of your Rossini zone settings.

Path: Click the “Rossini DA +1” icon - > Click the “3 dots” - > select “Device setup”

  1. Can you verify if you are able to successfully playback through the built in sound card of the MacMini (i.e. to a pair of headphones)?


Hi Eric. Thank you for your reply. OK screen shots as requested.

Sorry I don’t own a pair of headphones so can’t answer your question relation to the mac mini.

Kind regards,

Apologies wrong screen shot!

Eric this may help too.

@anon64543105 ---- I am noticing that you have your Rossini DAC grouped with your system output. Please click the “3 dots”, select “Group Zone”, deselect the “system output”, and hit save. Any change in behavior?


OK. I think this is what you’re looking for.

Eric our hifi dealer has just set up the ststem using a remote connection. We’ll see how that goes. Thanks meantime.

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Hi @anon64543105 ---- Thank you for the follow up, that was indeed what I was looking for. Please keep me updated on what the outcome of the remote support yields and if further assistance is required, I will be glad to continue to work with you on this :microscope:


Many thanks and much appreciated :grinning:.


Had to go out. Just fired up Roon app. Same as before - no sound. This follows on from our hifi desler remotely setting up the core. To cut to the chase here are the screen shots Eric asked for earlier.