Music Library Cleanup and Integrity

I have quite a large music library (150k) that I have put together over the past years. Through various crashes of systems and copy processes I fear that there may be duplicate copies of albums and albums with missing tracks.

Is there a quick way to identify such album so that I can correct the issues?

From the Home page.
Select Albums.
Focus →
Inspector →

Hope that helps.

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Thanks. Any idea how to find missing tracks?

Sadly no.
Removing the album from your library and re-importing sometimes helps.

Sometimes chanting Gregorian style while eating chicken wings and drinking rum helps.


Yes you can, but only from a computer, not from a phone or tablet.
Goto track view, select a track. At the upper left, there is a small menu that says: 1 selected. Change that to: all.
Now click the three buttons next to the blue Play or Queue button. Select export, and export to Excel.

You now have an Excel file with all you tracks, together with their numbers and album titles. Make sure that this list is ordered by album title first, disc number second and track number third.
You can now insert a column in Excel and create a function that generates a text when track numbers don’t add up in the right way.

Like this…when you are in an empty column on the 3th row:

This assumes your column titles are in row one and Album names are in column C and Track numbers are in E.

After this, it’s perhaps easiest to make a pivot table that groups by your albums and shows how many ‘missings’ there are per album.

(I see now that this will give a ‘missing’ for the first tracks of discs 2, 3 etc. in sets, so you will have to correct for that. It will also not see missing last tracks from albums.)


A further quick way to zoom in on albums with, potentially, missing tracks:

Select Albums from main menu, then use focus:

  • FocusInspectorContiguous Tracks
  • invert the selection by clicking on the (purple) Contiguous tracks box at the top of focus
    (the purple box turns red and a minus sign shows now)

Your screen will look something like this now:

It won’t pick up everything - e.g. when one or more tracks at the end of an album are missing.
Combine with other filters as appropriate - e.g focus on local albums only etc.

You could try a rescan on this set of albums:

  • Select one album from the page
    (text 1 selected appears at top left with a downward pointing arrow/triangle to the right of it)
  • click the arrow/triangle and pick Select all
  • from 3-dot menu at top: EditRescan albums

Hopefully some of the suggestions above and/or this one are of help to you. Good luck!


This is even faster… I never used this focus criteria but always assumed it had to do with tracks that needed gapless playback. (Note to self: do not assume but use the button.)


Although I forgot to include the crucial inversion step needed in focus to pick non-contiguous tracks as would be needed here :woozy_face: …,
I have edited my previous post now :slightly_smiling_face:


Many thanks. I now need to get to wotk and clean this beast up.

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