Music library Disappeared After 2.0 1223 Production Update [Hotfix Build 1234 Released]

What happened to build 1232?

I updated yesterday to it and now today it says I need 1234 and there is no discussion of 1232 anywhere (despite me running it)

A bit up in this thread:

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Thanks @Suedkiez, I missed that update about the complete fix not being included (and now being in 1234). Still seems strange that it isn’t mentioned anywhere on the release notes page.

It was online for a few hours and shouldn’t be used, they simply changed the build number in the existing announcement

I’m running Roon ROCK build 1234 on a NUC and cannot access my external music folders. I’ve been using the same NAS for the last few years and can access all the folders from a Windows browser.

The latest update did not work for me.

A few hours that me (and likely others) downloaded during :smile:

Have you rebooted @Allan_Watson?

I ask because my NFS library disappears every update, but rebooting the roon server post-update resolves it (but doesn’t seem to have resolved it for others in the specific issue above)

Yes, I’ve rebooted my NUC and NAS several times.

This is the first time this has happened to me after an update.

Sure, it probably would have been more transparent to keep it with an explanation

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Yes, the fix works! My music library has returned fully intact! Much appreciated in getting this fixed!

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