Music Library Question

I have all my music at demand using Roon at home on my network. If I subscribe to Qobuz is there a feature within that will read all of my music and make it accessible out on the road outside my network without having to physically go in and add each album to my library? Maybe an outside program that can do this? Am I making sense?

If I understand your question correct: you want to listen to Qobuz versions of albums that are already in your local library.
I have never done this myself, but I believe it is possible with the paid service Soundiiz. You can export a list of your albums from Roon to Excel, and import that list into Soundiiz. Soundiiz will then add these albums to your Qobuz favourites.
But there is a downside: these favourited albums are also seen by Roon, if you have your Qobuz account linked to Roon. So you will end up with every local album having a duplicate version. In settings, you can prevent Roon to show them all side by side in your album view.

Hope this helps. Maybe others have better ideas.


To get around the duplicate thing, I would probably just not link it to my Roon account. Thanks for your insight…

Just make a playlist that includes your music but no Qobuz music, and export that.