Music Lovers: Post Some YouTube Clips 📹

(Chris ) #181


(Chris ) #182

Woopeee, look who we have booked for August.



What we are listening to [2018]

What we are listening to [2018]
(Peter) #186

(Martin Webster) #187

Having an evening with Larkin Poe. :smile:


(Chris ) #189

This is a lovely song from Annie Keating and it sounds great also.

Enjoy… Sting of hindsight.

(Chris ) #190

Balalaika born again. Ok, it’s not a YouTube video but a BBC Radio program about the instrument and Russian music etc. 30 mins of magic for any music fan.




The Sea Within release studio teaser for debut self-titled album

(Anders Vinberg) #194

Christopher Walker dancing, Fatboy Slim.


(Paul) #196

Childish Gambino - This Is America

Nice dancing vs. cruel tragedy. Left me confused.


(Chris ) #198

I have been waiting for consent to share this with the world for a while now, but, finally, it’s out.

Don Gallardo, with his outlaws. Hannah Rose Platt invited up for BV’s, Travis Stock on Bass, Steve Brookes (Danny and the Champions of the World) on Drums and Jim Maving (Mick Ralphs Blues Band and Case Hardin) on Telecaster glowing orange under the stage lights. Mixed to CD quality so you can turn it up to 11. Enjoy an evening at The Little Rabbit Barn… Well 10 glorious minuets of it anyway…
Banks of the Mississippi

(Chris ) #199

If your a Van Morrison fan you will appreciate this live version of Tupelo Honey from Don Gallardo and his outlaws. Filmed by yours truly at The Little Rabbit Barn…

(Chris ) #200

Emily Barker introducing and playing three songs from Paste Studio NYC.
I still can’t believe we got to host her live…