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(Paul) #203

Great! Sometimes YouTube is golden.

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(Chris ) #205

We were blessed with the talent of Emily Barker recently when she played a solo set for us at LRB.

Here she is with Over My Shoulder…

If you have ever watched the BBC series of Wallander you will know this song…

(Paul) #206

Great series, great live version! Thanks for sharing.

(Chris ) #207

Thanks, lucky me gets to film it… she told the story of how she did a series of house concerts to help finance her first album. The producer of Wallander was at one of the shows and asked her if she knew Kenneth Branagh and the Wallander stories etc? “I knew nothing about anything having grown up in south west Australia with no radio or TV but said yes”.
A couple of days later she was invited to record the Wallander version of the song. This performance was her original creation.
Here is another video.

(Chris ) #208

Not certain if I posted this before, but it’s just so good.

(Paul) #209

:video_camera: Lucky guy!

And she had luck to have the producer at one of the shows, beside talent of course you need this kind of coincidences.

Better than the Toerag Sessions version.

(Chris ) #210

She was incredible live and solo, it was a shame her Double Bass Player Lukas Drinkwater was already booked for that evening but great artists can do it alone.
The first time she played here was on that early tour I spoke of in 2012 She played in the garden for 20 people (Before my time there) It was so nice of her to come back as she normally plays much larger venues, but friendships are formed at these gigs. She slotted us in amid a gruelling schedule before leaving for the USA to tour with Mary Chapin Carpenter. She is such a lovely person to meet and was really funny between songs…
There is some great video of Emily with her band on the BBC iPlayer. Look up The Quay Sessions. Chris

(Paul) #211

Hi Chris, What I expected: “BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues”. I’lll take a look this weekend on my computer where I have a VPN, possible that will work.

(Chris ) #212

People in the UK complain about our BBC licence fee but it’s the biggest bargain in the world when you consider all the Music, TV, Radio, Sport, News etc. I hope you can get a look. There is a lot of great music to be had there

(Paul) #213

Complaining is a universal habit I am afraid!

Well, it’s a bit odd, I am now looking at Kathryn Joseph without a problem, no warnings. She is great, did you heard of her?

(Chris ) #214

Nope, but I will… thanks…

(Chris ) #215

On the same evening we had Emily Barker we also hosted Hollie Rogers and wow, what a voice. Thomas Holder was on Bass and the House Piano… recorded at 24/48 with no MQA but it still sounds great.

(Chris ) #216

I was sent this today and maybe she is on our Radar… I do hope so…

(Chris ) #217

This is lovely and an artist definitely on the radar… Reb Fountain

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(Chris ) #220

This is a lovely acoustic performance from Elles Bailey