Music Lovers: Post Some YouTube Clips 📹

(Kevin) #221

@Chrislayeruk - it doesn’t take much to get me on a Snarky Puppy kick and now you’ve done it - but that’s a good thing, thanks! Here’s one of my favorites from Family Dinner vol. 2:


(Chris ) #223

Ok Ok, I know this isn’t music but it’s the funniest thing.

Mods, feel free but only when you have stopped laughing…


(Chris ) #225

If you want a pure vocal you must listen To Callaghan. I filmed and we recorded this at a recent gig and it’s lovely.

(Chris ) #226

Something a little more uptempo from Barbara Nesbitt

(Chris ) #227

The wonderful Martin Harley with Honey Bee

(Chris ) #228

And this is sublime…

(Chris ) #229

Wow, Derek Trucks in 1993 playing Layla

(Chris ) #230

The Wonderful Lenny she played for us earlier this year and was a delight…

(Chris ) #231

This is a song Lenny did for us…


(Chris ) #233

Here is one I am proud of, filmed when Hannah Aldridge came to visit the Little Rabbit Barn.

A song inspired by Hannah meeting women on Death Row in Parchman Penitentiary.

(Chris ) #234

We just posted this ballad from Cherry Lee Mewis when she came to play for us. Sounds great too, especially with Max Milligan on Telecaster…



(Chris ) #237

Russ put me on to this lady and I. So pleased he did.

Check out Anna Popovic

(Sean) #238

(Chris ) #239

Any old Faces fans may well enjoy this…

(Vincent Bourne) #240

Thanks Chris - sometimes forget how good the Faces were. They always seemed to enjoy themselves at least as much as the audience did!