Music Lovers: Post Some YouTube Clips 📹

(Chris ) #261

Courtney Marie Andrews and her great band came to play for us recently and this is some of the action. Border

(LHG1111) #262

Needed right now, at this moment in history, when things look bleak.

Jimmy, Elvin, McCoy and Coltrane, the classic quartet.



(Chris ) #265

We had the Daisy Chute (All Angels) Trio Of Meg Ella And Cerian Holland come to play for us. Here are a couple of lovely films we made. We even had Paul, who was happily on the front row, co opted to do some filming with a spare camera.

Turn it up and enjoy. The gain was a bit low on the desk…



(Chris ) #268

Just released, this is The House from the wonderful Courtney Marie Andrews. A magic close up performance at The Little Rabbit Barn. Audio is great too…

(Chris ) #269

As we remember the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War and honour all those affected by war and conflict I think this performance from Jackie Bristow and Mark Punch is a fitting tribute.

Inspired by a poem written by an unknown ANZAC soldier, please reflect on ‘Fallen Youth’

The full story of this song is told here…

(Chris ) #270

Here we have Elles Bailey with her great band playing When I Go Away from a recent gig.

(Chris ) #271

You really have to see this, it’s amazing… Foxy Lady as you have never heard it…



(Paul) #274

(Andrew Cox) #275

Turin Brakes - 96 (Acoustic)


Serendipitous discovery whilst surfing :guitar: porn :blush:


Thanks for your service and thanks for the music!


that’s really great, thanks for posting.


This girl is just fantastic, I can’t get enough of her. Do yourself a favor and check her channel.


You’re welcome!