Music Lovers: Post Some YouTube Clips 📹

(Wim) #301

Suzanne Vega - (My name is) Luka

(Martin Webster) #302


(Jan) #304

Great performance by Seinabo Sey!

(Andrew Cox) #305

Goodbye Chris Wilson.

(Wim) #306



Still gives me goosebumps!

(New Haven, CT, USA) #309

Kung Fu, great local band!

(Wim) #310

I’m into piano these days … :sunglasses:

(Chris ) #311

Graham Nash receives a Lifetime achievement award and plays Teach your Children well with Ethan Johns and Chris Hillman on pedal steel.

Chris has played for us at live gigs with Lauren Housley and is a great player so it’s great to see him get some recognition. He also plays with Billy Bragg.

(New Haven, CT, USA) #312

Les and Sean are doing some crazy stuff on their new album! They’re at the College St Music Hall in New Haven in April, I’m definitely checking them out live.

(marc roth) #313

Great band. Been a fan of Derek since he was 15. Excellent video and those shots of Kofi have me tearing up.

(Chris ) #314

The wonderful Tallulah Rendall has released her new single Radiate today along with this video.
If you don’t know her, you should. She is an Artist in the true sense of the word, once you see her live, you get it. She doesn’t just release a CD, you get a book that’s a work of art in itself.

So, here is Radiate from her new album The Liminal. Enjoy, share, go see live Tallulah Rendall


One of my favourite bands…

(Wim) #316

I saw the movie yesterday on TV.
And lovely music by Ludovico Einaudi.

(New Haven, CT, USA) #317

(Wim) #318

Even this Youtube video sounds great on my cans.
  • Startech USB Stereo Audio Adapter External Sound Card with SPDIF Digital Audio Out
  • Pro-Ject Pre Box S Digital
  • Aune X7s class A headphone amp
  • CorpseCable GraveDigger Cardas balanced cables
  • MrSpeakers ETHER C Flow cans

(Andrew Cox) #319

It really does have some quirky timing. It’s not just pianists imagining they’re in a piano bar in Days of Our Lives.

(Jan) #320

Dirty Loops from Sweden. This is a great band that stretches over many styles, pop, jazz, funk, R&B. The singer sings like Stevie Wonder! Amazing!

(Chris ) #321

This is Reb Fountain, Who came over from New Zealand to play for us. Ok she had family stuff to do as well :joy: but it was a real treat to host her and get to film this, the closing number of her set.
The audio was mixed to CD quality. Enjoy a new song from Reb on our house piano…