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Another on of my favourite local bands. :grinning:

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They are amazing. They recorded Holy Water near me in my friend Jay Stapley’s Studio West Mersea Essex.
Our LRB sound engineer Simon Allen, mastered it. We just love The Blackfeathers. Top quality live act.




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I thought this was a great introduction to what MQA can do.

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Mathews Southern Comfort (Who’s feeling old now?) They are touring again with the wonderful B-J Baartmans On Electric guitar.
We hosted B-J supporting Carter Sampson earlier this year so I know what a great player he is.

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Where would Rock n Roll be without feedback?

Pink Floyd recording DSOTM…

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I’m slightly late to the party on this one, but a little snippet. They first played together on Jools Holland’s Hootenany in the UK. Beck didn’t know of Beth and didn’t want to play with her (yet another blues singer)… Until he heard her sing. The rest is history as they say.

I’ve seen Beth live at Royal Albert Hall, she was just absolutely stunning. Stunning. Really nice person too apparently (same source as the snippet))


Thanks for that. I wept because I’ve been listening to her toil away in relative obscurity since her first album, and at that moment she finally got the break she needed and affirmation of her talent from her peers and others in the audience. So deserved and so, so overdue after 16 years on the road.


LP. Buckle up and press play…


Great recommendation! Thanks a lot!

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The RAH gig was a double header - basically two complete back to back gigs, the first one being Robert Cray, who I’ve know for a long time. He was fantastic. Then Beth came on and just turned things up several notches with the first word she uttered. To be honest she blew Robert away, and I don’t say that lightly.

My friend who was at the Jools show spoke to her at length backstage; I even got a personal video from her, which was really sweet. My only regret is that I couldn’t go to see her play a few days later in London - a solo gig that my friend said was truly wonderful; very emotional, very personal, very powerful.

Good to see she’s going from strength to strength, and as a result of your post I checked her touring schedule out and she’s in the UK next April. Tickets in the process of being bought; Chrishtmas has come early!


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OK, I’m being a numbskull. How do you embed a You Tube video in a post?

I’ve gone into Share and then clicked embed, then copy. When I past the resultant string into the post nothing appears to happen. Or does it only embed when I actually post?

Thks, Phil

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I just copy link from youtube and paste here. Easy.

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Here goes then - some of the Tiny Desk concerts from NPR. Well worth going onto the website to look for more, there are some absolutely fabulous performances there (and a good few stinkers as well, the joy is delving through to find the gems in my view)

Famous Last Words of a Fool in Love - first song on the third video - is spellbinding; Rodney Crowell at his very finest




Ax Genrich, legendary German Krautrock guitarist live at Mannheim, Alte Feuerwache:

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Ok, for the Christmas season this is Christy Moore singing Fairytale of New York. Probably the best ever version apart from the original.

Happy Christmas one and all.

Available on this great album too.