Music Lovers: Post Some YouTube Clips 📹


COLOURS NOT FOUND IN NATURE, Isildurs Bane and Steve Hogarth

(Chris ) #102

Here is a lovely Christmas Gift we received from Danni Nicholls and BJ-Baartmans. Both great friends of Live@LittleRabbit Barn

Happy Christmas and enjoy.


Happy Christmas Chris!

(Chris ) #104

Who thinks they can play guitar?

Think again lol Happy Christmas.

(Dick Vliek) #105


Great vid:

(Chris ) #107

This is special. Sean Taylor with Mike Seal on Double Bass and Emanuel Marchetti on percussion performing Hold On Live at the Little Rabbit Barn. I was privileged to film this even with the lights being what they were.
The sound quality is first class as I listen on my iPad Pro Explorer 2 set up. This will check the bass handling of your set up.
Enjoy and Happy New Year.

I’ll Add Troubadour here. Great stuff.


(Larry Post) #109

I saw Leon Bridges play at a tiny closet of a coffee bar/club in San Diego in 2014. I believe it was one of his first trips out to the West coast. There were maybe 12 people there on a Tuesday morning. To say it was intimate is an understatement. I’m happy for and not surprised by his success, he’s a real talent. That said, several of his recordings are clipped badly, bad engineering.

(Daniel Beyer) #110

Gotta Love the Cookie Monster. Om nom nom nom.

(Rance) #111

For those of you who were fascinated with The Cars back in the day like I was…

(Rance) #112

(Rance) #113

Sorry…one more…

(Chris ) #114

Ok, the audio quality is not ideal but this gives you an idea of what The Blackfeathers Are all about. Watch to the very end to really enjoy the interplay.
This is a must see live act I have had the privilege to enjoy many times.


Shield, live - Biosphere at the Planetarium

(Dick Vliek) #116


A very creative way to use a loop sequencer! Very nice voice, too.


(Chris ) #119

If looping is what your after I have to introduce you to the gloriously avantgarde Tallulah Rendall.
She loops vocals and guitar to wonderful effect. She is a ‘Must See’ live performer.

I saw her twice that weekend. Once the performance we hosted and the next day she did a charity gig in a local pub.

(Larry Post) #120

I’m 51 and still feel too young to die, err wait.