Music Lovers: Post Some YouTube Clips 📹

(Chris ) #121

This may be the funniest song your heard in a while. Enjoy.


No facebook account here :wink:


Hi @Dirk-Pitt,

I have one, but unfortunately I can’t remember my password. I suppose that says it all…:joy:

(Chris ) #124

That’s the only place the video is to my knowledge, but it’s great. Borrow an account lol. I’ll search for it on You Tube.

Ok, Found it on the Tube.



Brilliant lyrics! Cheers, Chris!


Thank you Chris.

(Chris ) #127

Ok, here is some real Music. Russ sent this to me but I think it’s worth sharing. The video quality needs some MQA treatment but this is ‘Hey Joe’

(Nicholas) #128

If you’ve ever been into the Grateful Dead - or maybe more to the point, if you’ve never been able to get into them - you should check Joe Russo’s Almost Dead (JRAD) out.

Their attitude toward the music matches their interpretations…

We didn’t write those songs, we didn’t live that life – that’s not us. We’re a vehicle, we’re a conduit to keep that going and we do that because we love those guys (the surviving members of the Grateful Dead). We all know those dudes, we’ve all played with those guys and we all respect and love them so much. What we’re doing is for them. These guys get to know that their legacy is in the hands of people who give a fuck and not a bunch of dudes that just want to make a living. It has nothing to do with that.

We want to make sure this catalog, which is basically a living document, keeps going in the right direction, in the way they meant it to be. It’s never about what has happened before, it’s not about imitation it’s about innovation. Moving it forward, that’s the thing. If you want to honor somebody you don’t sound like them, you do the opposite of them. You try to push things and go. Imitation is not the biggest form of flattery, that’s bullshit! To sit there and try to be somebody else is not art, it’s artifice, it’s fucking stupid, it’s a waste of time. Go become an accountant and don’t clog the highways. Because there are people on the road that want to be doing this for the right reasons. Nobody needs another bunch of assholes doing something that’s already been done. [The members of Joe Russo’s Almost Dead] know that. We all know that we’re lucky to get to do this and that it’s not ours. We’re just carrying it on until somebody else takes it.


And those Chris Stapleton / Sturgill Simpson performances on SNL last night!!! :fire::fire::fire:


So sad …

(Chris ) #130

If you like some slow blues, enjoy this from Billy Gibbons.


(Chris ) #132

Tom Jones with C SN&Y

(Vincent Bourne) #133

Wow! The look on Crosby’s face is priceless - this one could definitely warrant a caption competition. “Who the hell is this bloke, and where’s Wales?”

(Chris ) #134

The wonderful Elles Bailey performing Shake it off.

You just have to catch Elles live.




(Nicholas) #138

So good…

New album out now and on tour. Go see them!

(Kevin) #139

New Lake Street Dive!

(Chris ) #140

From our latest gig, here is Lynn Miles opening her solo set with Black Flowers.