Music Lovers: Post Some YouTube Clips 📹


Great video! Enjoyed watching it a lot. Thanks a lot for sharing it, @kneville.

(Chris ) #142

Here are The LYNNeS (Lynn Miles and Lynne Hanson) playing Heartbreak Songs for the Radio.

(Chris ) #143

Have I put this up before? Not sure, but it’s worth seeing again.

Lauren Housley and her Band. Tom Dibb Guitar. Chris Hillman, Pedal steel and the Bass Players name escapes me just now but he is a fine fellow.


Keb’ Mo’! I’ve seen him live a couple of times.:grinning:


Junko Onishi plays Hey Joe



(Chris ) #147

The wonderful Annie Keating.



(Martin Webster) #150

This comes to mind immediately:

Stuart Adamson was probably Scotlands best guitarist.

And this too:

Kimbra: Plain Gold Ring.

PS. How do you embed the video? Edit: Okay, got it now.


Just paste the URL

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Thanks, Dirk. Amended original post. :smile:


(Chris ) #154

If you are a fan of Danny and the Champions of the World, and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you be? Here is a recent full gig. Tom, the keyboard player sent me the link. It’s the same set they played at Scala recently.

(Martin Webster) #155

Saw Maceo a few years ago … shortest concert I’ve seen. He did Pass the Peas and a couple more. Mind you each song was the best part of 20 minutes. Love his playing at 3:20.

(Martin Webster) #156

And I’m mumbling and I can’t remember the last thing that ran through my head … who’s not been there? Saw The Man a year or so ago and was disappointed with his performance; moments of brilliance marred by a very average set. He threw his mike down a left early. Still think he’s great.

This recording is available on TIDAL. Ballerina and Madame George are the top performances.


(Anders Vinberg) #158

Fantastic. Thank you.

(Peter) #159


I love Chris Potter. Thanks for sharing this great video, Peter! These guys definitely know how to groove…