Music Lovers: Post Some YouTube Clips 📹



Nice, @hwz1970, thanks! :smile:

(Chris ) #163

A short clip from Elles Bailey, you can see from this why we were so excited to record her live.

(Peter) #164

great performance from esbjörn svensson trio:

(Anders Vinberg) #165

Hugh Laurie is a TV star, also does a mean jazz band.
I have seen them live, he also has a couple of albums.
He shows that my snobby distinction between musicians and entertainers does not hold up.

(Anders Vinberg) #166

I love Hiromi Uehara.
She proves once again that Genres have little meaning:

(Anders Vinberg) #167

Voice is my favorite Hiromi piece:

There is a YouTube version, lousy sound quality but fun to watch:

EDIT 11 minutes of riotous sound, and as far as I can tell, it is note perfect from the CD version.

Maximalism? What is the Genre for Hiromi?
(Chris ) #168

It’s all about the underlying integrity. :sunglasses:

(Anders Vinberg) #169

Listening again, it isn’t. I was seduced by the intro and end, but there is a huge excursion in the middle.

(Anders Vinberg) #170

I admit I’m getting overly excited, discovering the wealth of YouTube stuff.
I’ll try to calm down,

(Chris ) #171

Your getting almost as excited as I do about intimate live gigs… :sunglasses:

(Chris ) #172

This is Danni Nichols from a gig we recorded last year. J has just dug it out the archive.

(Chris ) #173

Dion, remember him? 50 years sober and sounding great…

(Chris ) #174

This is fun. Elvin Bishop, Fooled around and fell in love. Sang by his backing singer Mickey Thomas.

(Chris ) #175

We made Bluesmagazine with this. Scroll down and there is a great video of Times a Healer, if I do say so myself lol Great audio mixed and Mastered by Jay Stapley.

(Peter) #176

(Chris ) #177

Ok, this one is on Facebook from the gig we were at by Elles Bailey.
Recorded on a phone, so the audio is what it is.



(Martin Webster) #179

Placebo and Black Francis … it can only be …