Music notes are cut off in the "Now Playing" screen

I’m seeing instances where the music information notes abruptly cut off, as though the entire content isn’t being loaded. It seems to happen with TiVo and not with Wikipedia.

I’m including a screenshot.

Does anyone know what might be wrong? Thanks.

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Which specific client devices do you see this issue on? Are there any client devices which do not show the issue? Is it 100% repeatable on specific albums?

Do you mean playback devices or remote control devices? I have only one main playback device, a Bryston BDA-3.14. My remote control device is a 12” iPad Pro. I tried using it as a playback device and the problem is still there.

If you mean remote control device, I have an iPhone 14 Pro too, but I can’t figure out how to view the music information on it. I almost never use it as the remote.

It is 100% repeatable on the album shown in the screenshot.

Edit/add: the album is streaming from Qobuz.


I don’t even get the same text that your seeing there are you on the latest versions of Roon for your controllers and core?

I believe so, yes. See attached screenshots…

The album review is a different text than in the screenshot.

But what we see in the screenshot is the composition review, and it is cut off for me as well:

(scrolling down)

Thank you @Suedkiez. It doesn’t seem to be a content loading issue because you and I get cut off at different points. You get a little farther along. I’m going to try disabling the TiVo sources and rely on Wikipedia. I don’t know how accurate Wikipedia is in these things, but it’s probably fine for my purposes.

Thanks to everyone.

@Suedkiez – I just noticed you are in landscape mode. I switched my iPad to landscape and I get cut off at the same point that you show. So it seems to be a problem with how Roon is formatting the text for display.

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If I turn off the TiVo sources, I get no composition review at all, which I guess makes sense since the composition doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. Oh well. I hope this gets onto the product backlog at some point.

True, my screenshot was from macOS

Moving this to metadata support as it needs to be looked at as its a bug.

@joel @support can we investigate this please


I discovered today that Wikipedia sources are cut off too.

Hi @Kuryan_Thomas ,

Thanks for the report here, I am able to reproduce this view on my iPad. I’ve filed a ticket for the team to investigate this further and see what improvements can be made here.

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