Music on Arc then started on Roon at home

Not sure if support is the correct section for this but something odd happened today.

Earlier today, at work I opened the Arc app and started to play an album from Tidal. My wife immediately messaged me saying music was playing at home. I connected to my home network via a VPN to find Roon was playing music, but a different album from where I left it last night.

My wife doesn’t have control over Roon, just Spotify to various speakers around the house.

Is Roon working on anything new that might have caused this.

Has anyone else experienced this.

I wasn’t connected to my home network via the VPN until checking what had occurred.

Hi @AMT,

Thanks for your patience as we’ve investigated this most curious report. We’ve taken a look through diagnostics and we haven’t pinpointed the particular event you reported. Do you happen to remember the approximate timestamp when this occurred, or the track that was playing in Roon?

The audio stream would actually pass directly from TIDAL’s servers to your phone in the use case you reported, without hitting the Core. Similarly, Zoned playback is not yet available in ARC due to architectural limitations - so the possibility of playback shifting between apps is, from a networking standpoint, nearly impossible. That said, we’re in no way going to dismiss this report and will attempt to replicate it.

Would you mind clarifying the following?

  1. Do you have any home automation?
  2. Do you recall the specific endpoint your wife reported playing?
  3. What is the VPN service you use? Feel free to share this information via PM if you have reservations about revealing specific aspects of your network on the Community forum.

Thanks for coming back to me Connor.

With regards timestamp, it was just before 12:45 UK time. Thankfully I still have the text from the wife. I cannot now remember what’s was playing at home on Room, but it was different to what I started on Arc.

  1. No home automation setup. The only automation set up is only on my iPhone which automatically lowers my phone’s volume once I exit apps due to an issue with my phone’s volume going to max when coming out of Roon (and other music apps FWIW).

  2. Our Sonos Five stereo pair - no linked Echo/Google speakers for voice control.

  3. The VPN is one set up using the Wifiman app with my Ubiquiti UDR. It’s wasn’t enabled until after I got the wife’s text.

This hasn’t occured since and I’ve put it down to a freak coincidence and nothing more.

The only other explanation is I use the TV:Remote app on our Apple TV. My wife may have sat on it or knocked the remote and it started playing after bringing the ATV out of standby.

If the logs don’t show anything then the above is plausible and coincidence only with my using Arc at the same time.

Hi @AMT,

Following up on this, we weren’t able to find any evidence in logs that ARC was interfering with processes on the Core. However, logs don’t capture everything, so we’ll not close the case entirely. Please do keep us posted if you encounter something like this again.

Hi @connor

Thanks for getting back to me. As it hasn’t happened since I’m happy for this to be considered as being resolved.