Music platform confusion for home and mobile

So I can’t be alone here. I’m all mixed up about how to manage my music for both home and mobile use.

I have a nice home Roon setup with all my music managed in iTunes…playlists, ratings and the like. I also have a Tidal subscription that integrates so nicely with Roon. I’m fine with that home setup.

But then I want to go mobile and listen in transit, in the car and at work. So for that I use iTunes Match and an Apple Music account - which integrate so nicely on the road.

This is annoying in 2 ways. First, I need to have two separate accounts where the music doesn’t match. And it also costs me twice to pay for each service.

Clearly this is a first world problem but does anyone have a way to streamline this situation?

Setup: Mac mini with attached HD>Sonore microRendu>Arcam irDAC>Arcam A38>KEF LS50
Apple iPhone 6s

What does Apple Music offer you that Tidal does not? I am not familiar with it so I do wonder why you might prefer it over Tidal.

Only one thing - integration with my iTunes library when I’m mobile. Tidal of course sounds better, but I have a large library I want to take with me but still add music on the road.

I’m also struggling with this a little. I use MediaMonkey to sync my NAS music with multiple USB devices and mobile phones, which works pretty well and means that I can use the car media player or other mobile devices when out and about. Tidal content is a bit more difficult though - I make use of the download facility and play via Bluetooth but it’s more fiddly than I’d like.

The thing I miss most about not using iTunes any more is the ability to just drag a playlist, or group of songs, onto my iPod or phone. iTunes would just copy over the playlist and make sure all of the song tracks were copied, too.

Simply iTunes is the best because it covers both home and mobile use. Further, iTunes Match seals the deal with music accessibility.

You’ll have to turn on your phone’s hotspot feature. Then use a battery powered computer that can play Roon. Then run a VPN server at your house and connect via VPN from the PC to the Server. None of this is ideal.

Maybe you can have two servers, one at the house and you bring with you? Or just bring and Android and iOS device that plays Apple Music and plays from one library.

Roon is king at the house, but turns to stone once you leave.