Music playback from Core to amplifier question

Roon Core Machine

USB SSD with the database

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet cable from NAS to amplifier via a switch

Connected Audio Devices

Yamaha RX-A3080 amplifier

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Description of Issue

Hello everyone,
I’m just beginning with Roon, and it’s quite complicated understanding how everything works together.
Automatically, Roon plays music to my home theater amplifier wirelessly via Airplay (downscaling 24 bytes to 16 bytes files).
Isn’t possible to play music via the ethernet cable ? (losslessly)
Like the NAS plays to the amplifier via AudioStation for example.

What home theater amplifier do you have? Never mind, see it now.

You’ll get the higher resolution and multi-channel using HDMI from core to AVR.

Roon uses it’s own streaming technique RAAT. So your amplifier needs to be Roon Ready to be able to process that and your Yamaha isn’t.
You need a steamer attached to your amplifier that is able to use Roon.

Edit: Or what Mike suggests.

Hello Mike and Joost,
Thanks for your quick answers.
The NAS is in another room than the amplifier, so HDMI cable is complicated (anyway, no HDMI port on my NAS).
That’s what I thought for your answer about the RAAT signal…
What about the streamer ? I guess it’s something plugged between the NAS and the amplifier ?
Ethernet cable on the NAS side, and audio cable on the amplifier side ?

No, the RAAT protocol is a network protocol. So the streamer needs a connection to your router. Preferably by Ethernet, but fast WiFi can work too.
I think your amplifier has digital audio in so you need a steamer with coax or optical audio out.

Yes, of course, there’s the router between the NAS and my amplifier…
Yes the amplifier has an optical and coax inputs. By the way, which of them would you recommand for this use (Hi-res) ? Do they have the same “quality” ?

Please do not make the assumption Airplay is wireless it isnt it’s just a transport that works over wired or wireless connections. If your AVR is wired it’s being send over wired.

As others have said your Yamaha only can work with Airplay with Roon as they don’t support Roons streaming protocol RAAT. You need an intermediate device connected to the AVR that acts as a Roon Bridge converting the network stream to digital audio output. These are commonly streamers but can be mini pc called a Raspberry Pi with added on boards for audio output. . You can pick up a Wiim Pro that is fully Roon Ready device for £150 and connect it to your AVR via its optical or coaxial digital input and get high resolution audio to it. It doesn’t support multichannel only two channel PCM up to 192/24. Coax is best as optical may or may not support 192/24 it’s device dependant and not a standard.


Hello CrystalGipsy,
Thanks for your very interresting answer.
Indead, I was wrong about Airplay. I thought it was only wireless, and only for Apple devices…

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Roon reversed engineered it so they could use it play to any Airplay device on any platform the core software is run. You are correct that Airplay normally is only available as a play option on Apple Products.

Interesting point about Coax - I didn’t know Coax vs. Optical could be different dependent on device. I’m currently using Optical into my Denon receiver and can only max out at 24/96. I’ll have to try the Coax connection to see if my Denon can actually go up to 24/192.

All coax handles 192/24 I was talking about optical which is very device dependent and cable dependent. It’s really only support properly 96/24 as a standard as it’s limit of the technology.

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Thanks @Simon_Arnold3 - I connected a coax cable and can now stream at 24/192 on my Denon:


Thank you so much for the tip! :+1:

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@connor, posting here on behalf of @Arnaud_GA. They have emailed us this reply:

Hi Connor,

Thanks for your answer.

I don’t know why, but my android devices are ok now.

If issues again, i will truy what you wrote below.

But I have another issue, with my NAS this time. I wanted to extend the RAM from 2Gb to 6Gb, in order to control if my set up is enough for Roon. And the 4Gb RAM i received from Synology is deficient…

I’m waiting for a new one.

Yes, I would be gratefull to have my trial extended, to check my NAS.



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