Music playback / interruptions


This is not so much a feature request, but a bug report. When audio is playing, and there are dropouts/network issues and general slowness in retrieving the files, Roon just stops playing the song and skips to the next one. That is the not appropriate behaviour, IMHO, as I generally listen to entire albums, and it breaks the flow of my playlists to have to go back and add that track again, etc.

So, I believe Roon should just pause playback, and tell the user there’s some slowness and dropouts going, and have the user hit “Play” again to resume.

Thank you,

Hi Alex,

I think that’s a fair point, though getting to the root cause of this issue would of course be the better option, there have been some other reports of track skipping recently that the Roon developers are looking at.

Some things to consider with the installation that can help to avoid dropouts are described in the Roon Knowledge Base Troubleshooting Audio Dropouts.

BTW you don’t have to add the track back into the queue, you can just click the previous track button.