Music playback pauses 1/2 a sec and then continues

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini M1 2020, 8 gigs 256 STS, Big Sur 11.6

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Pepwave Surf SOHO router, Synology 920+ w/four UltraStar 12TB in a raid 6, Airplay

Connected Audio Devices

Hegel H390 integrated

Number of Tracks in Library

100,000 tracks

Description of Issue

While playing a track the music stops very briefly less than a second and then continues. Can happen once on a tract or several times. Sometimes a track plays without an interruption. Roon is still compiling data. Cleared cache once roon restarted twice warm reboot once, no improvement.


Hello Mason,
I had a similar issue and solved it by sliming down my network connection. In particular it was a switch which was not working properly.

But I don’t know if this is solution for you.

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Mason quite possibly what Niko says, but a few additional things to look at.

I see you are running on a Synology Device.
Have you checked out the status of the processor to make sure you have plenty of CPU and memory for Roon

Are you running cross-fade or volume leveling?
Also do you have and DSP turned on?

If so turn them all off and try testing again.

I started on a Synology and ended up moving to a Nuc after being annoyed with it stopping occasionally and skipping tracks. I think now I know enough to have made it work, but I have friends who use my library for Plex do I could never guarantee that there was enough bandwidth available.

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To get back with you on this. I was able to somewhat fix the pause issue but I now I suspect there is an an issue the M1 MAC Mini.

There is defiantly some OS issues. I read on this forum someone else was having uncommanded reboots. I got hours with Apple support without a fix. I strongly suggest if you have a M1 and see this issue return the unit, don’t wait like I did thinking it was growing pains with a new chipset.

Once I get the M1 issue resolved,(if ever) I can start to look at Roon issues if any.

Thank for your input.

Mason I have recently given my MacBook Air back to work.
The last year was an absolute disaster with Big Sur, slowed down to being useless and rebooting every now and then
I have my old 2015 MacBook Pro back now to play with.

Hopefully you resolve this issue soon and get back to enjoying Roon

Hey @Mason,

Thank you for taking a moment to share the behavior you ran into. While we didn’t get a chance to reply until today, it is so nice to see our community chime in to help.

We’re really sorry for the delay :pensive:

I was wondering, is this still happening now, a little over three weeks later? Does it happen if you play to System Output?

Hey Rebeka,

I think the issues reside in when roon server is compiling data. i have a large DB so during my upload to the server (S920+) i only allowed a limited amount of files to load allowing the server to complete integrating. Made a huge difference. No more skips once DB is loaded and vetted.