Music playback stops every few seconds

Roon Core Machine

Roon server version 1.8 build 884 running on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus RT-AX88U using ethernet cable

Connected Audio Devices

Arcam SA30

Number of Tracks in Library

About 20 000 tracks in favorites on Tidal

Description of Issue

I am on trial period, I installed Roon server at 29th of January 2022. Yesterday I was listening to music using Roon for almost whole day without any issues. Today I started to listen to music about 5:28 pm of central European time (Warsaw, Poland). For the first about 30 minutes everything was fine, and then suddenly music stopped, Arcam showed “UPNP ROOT” like just after powering up. Android Roon application was paused. After clicking pause again. music started to continue when stopped, but after few seconds problem occurred again. I switched to another track(s) with the same problem. Restarted application, Arcam - no success. I was trying to find some server logs, but without success.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

P.S 1 - I was listening music from Tidal. Using build in Arcam web client for Tidal was working fine in the same time.

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Is the Arcam restarting itself? If the Arcam is showing weird messages, I would also suggest getting in touch with them. Roon does not use UPNP at all, so Roon would not have been generating that message.

No, Arcam is not restarting, just looks like just after powering it on NET input source, so it means that it was disconnected from Roon.

Today the same after few minutes. It makes Roon unusable for me. How can I help with debugging it?

Just a fellow user here, btw. I’m sure @support will be by soon.

I would reboot both the Arcam and the Roon Core, if you have not done so. Also, another good data point would be if you could load the Core onto a Windows or MAC and see if it exhibits the same issue.

Hi. I rebooted PC and Arcam, but it not helped. I don’t have PC with Windows. In future I am going to buy dedicated hardware for ROCK distribution, but I wanted first to try it out to get familiar with Roon possibilities.

It sounds like a network issue, though. Have you read the network faq:

One of the key points is:

ASUS Routers

We recommend enabling “Enable Multicast Routing” option in settings.

Additionally, Roon can sometimes have issues if a VPN is running on the same box. If there is, try turing it off and seeing if that makes a difference.

Thanks for hint. I enabled multicasting, started playback and let you know here after some time if it resolved this issue.

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Unfortunately it not helped. Today playback stopped after 4 minutes and 31 seconds. Other applications like: “mconnect” and “MusicLife” are working fine. Can I turn on debug mode somehow on server and collect logs for support?

Hey @Jakub_Pluciennik,

Thanks for letting us know of the behavior you’re experiencing as you’re exploring Roon. We’re very sorry.

I wonder, do you have any local music files, or are you exclusively listening to TIDAL? If you do have some local tracks, do you experience the same behavior?

I was listening only to Tidal, not for local music. I am also using “mconnect” and “Music Life” application for Tidal streaming without this kind of issues. Is there any way to switch “Roon Core” application for Linux to debug mode?

Hey @Jakub_Pluciennik,

In this case, it does sound like you might be experiencing the exact issue we’re working on resolving (that causes tracks from TIDAL to skip). We explain why and offer updates here:

Glad to hear it. I have notifications turned on about updates in this thread, so I will be up to date.

Hey @Jakub_Pluciennik ,

The symptoms on that thread are a bit different than yours, from what I understand you are getting entire stoppage and not playback jumping around, correct?

You can use these instructions to access your Roon logs in case you want to take a look over them.

Is the Arcam the only zone affected by this issue? Can you try to send the audio to any mobile device / HDMI output / other zone and see if the same issue occurs there?

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Hi @noris - Thank you for your suggestions. I have now access to Roon Core Server logs on my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. 2 questions:

  1. How can I send all compressed logs to Roon support (to you for example)?
  2. I can give a try to send sound to any other device (phone for example or other device by HDMI), but my trial period has ended. I was using Roon for about 8 hours on first day, and about 2 hours on second day. I wasn’t using it more, because it was frustrating me instead of giving joy. Can you return me some trial period to help you in finding bug?

When I need to send in logs, I zip them up and put them on dropbox and Private message the dev the link.

I can ask someone in @accounts if they can help.


Hey @Jakub_Pluciennik,

Thanks so much for your patience and for wanting to figure this out. I’m really glad.

To that end, we’ve restarted the free trial on your account today. Could you please try logging in?

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Hi. Thank you, trial period is restarted and showing 13 remaining days. I am starting tests and gathering of logs.

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You mentioned that you tried rebooting your PC and Arcam, but as Roon is very demanding of your local network it’s probably also worth rebooting your network equipment, i.e. your router and any network switches.

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I’m running the same, when I have issues I normally tail the log file to see it real time for raat disconnections etc

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