Music playback stuttering on multiple endpoints

Recently, I’ve really struggled with Roon.

The mobile app is incredibly slow when searching and downloading album art.

More recently play back on three endpoints is awful.

There’s usually a three or four second delay before playback starts (and it doesn’t always first time). It then stutters - sometimes once, sometimes constantly to the point I have to turn it off.

I have ROCK running version 2 (1202), problem endpoints are a Wiim Mini, Google TV Chromecast and a Denon Soundbar.

I have a decent Internet connection and WiFi is via Netgear Orbi router and satellites.

Any advice greatly recieved.

Are all your endpoints on wifi and are you playing to all of them simultaneously? Is it better if you only play to one endpoint? If yes, then that’s the most likely reason. Wifi bandwidth has to be shared by all wifi clients and it can’t really send and receive at the same time, so with Roon’s synchronicity requirements you may reach the limits.

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ARC? May well be a separate problem. Is it slow on the local wifi and/or when using the cell network out of the house? Any difference?

Am only playing to one endpoint at a time.

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Not using ARC, this whilst at home.

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Oh OK. Still smells like a network problem. Can you temporarily wire one endpoint to the network to see if it makes a difference?

Though with the mobile app being slow and each endpoint as well, could also be that the problem is at the core, either the hardware or its network connection

Started playing a track when I first posted, it’s 5:55 in length. Am just over half way through because of constant stop starts (30 mins later).

What’s your ROCK hardware? And this whole issue started suddenly after previously working?

The Denon soundbar is wired directly to the router.

Really sounds like you have a local network issue if all areas that are Wi-Fi are affected in Roon. Orbi has had its fair share of issue with Roon. Have you tried restarting all the nodes to see if it helps.

OK that rules out wifi to the endpoint. How is the ROCK connected, wired?

Rock is upstairs, wired into a satellite via a cisco Catalyst switch. PC also wired in to that switch which reports excellent connection - 3ms Ping, 300/130 upload / download.

I would remove it off the satellite and get it hard wired direct to the router not over a wirless uplink. This will be the source of the issue. @Michael_Harris is an orbi user and may be able to help.

I’ve had Roon for over two years and this has anyways been the setup, the stuttering is a recent issue?

It’s on wireless, wireless environments change all the time, only takes a neighbour to have their Wi-Fi on the same channel to reduce its efficiency. Have you tried rebooting all the orbis as I mentioned earlier sometimes it can help.

Can you play to the pc on the same satellite as the core okay?

Simon a couple of questions for you as I am coming to this late.

Is your Core on one of the Satelites or main router and connected via Ethernet?
I run Orbi with the Tri band system (the initial RB500 with an additional RB400 satelite) and I have no issues streaming 24/192 to multiple endpoints.

I used to run the Core Ethernet connected to a Satelite for about 3 years and again no issue, but I would not run it connected over WiFi to the Core.

Orbi also make dual band Mesh WiFi and they are not the same thing and give nowhere near the same throughput.

Core is upstairs, cable connected to a satellite via a switch. I have A RB35O router.

Thanks for everyone’s help and suggestions, I’ll look at sneaking the core into the TV cabinet downstairs so it can be wired direct to the router.

Yeah I’m with CrystalGipsy and Michael as well. At least try temporary if wiring the ROCK changes things, then you’ll know

Make sure the orbi isn’t run on its own separate network to your main router or the core won’t see the endpoints.

Thanks again all.