Music Player for Mac OS


I’m on the road and missing Roon. I know this topic will have been discussed many times before but wondered if anyone has up-to-date recommendations for a decent Mac OS music player for life on the go. I’d rather not subscribe to another service but am happy to pay a one time fee if it’s good value. Tidal doesn’t seem to serve as a player for local files. Vox and Audirvana are subscription only. It would be nice to see big artwork and get around it easily - simple and pleasing sonically and visually are the priorities. I’m not a power user (yet!)…

I guess I could move my core to the Macbook when I go away, but I’m really looking for an offline player for local files.

Thanks! And enjoy whatever music you’re listening to today!


Apple Music. If you can’t find a free trial, pay a month and you might even discover something new.

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Is there a particular reason you don’t want to put Roon Core on your laptop for when you travel?

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Swinsian, it is lovely:

I decided to take Room with me!

An SSD with a copy of my music - and a second roon license so the system at home still works.

Thanks for the suggestions! I hadn’t seen Roon as a mobile solution as I don’t want to rely on having a decent internet connection but I guess it still works as a player. I’ll check out the other suggestions.

Have a good Sunday!