Music Players VOX Premium compared to Roon

IHey y’all just right now discovered Roon. I’m VERY recently getting serious about @getting serious" about enjoying my music via high end high res home audio equipment. I’m in the research, auditioning faze at the moment and as I contemplate my future/soon home audio set up I’m also researching using services such as Roon . . . Apologies for the Tolstoyian beginning of my question. I am ordering an Unused Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch Laptop, the 2017 version-NO TOUCH PAD-as well as a brand new iPhone 7 Plus. Imo there is no need to upgrade yet-I’m still QUITE content with the IPhone 7plus.
So after seriously researching the best way, the best player to play my audio music files on the MacBook Pro &/or the IPhone 7plus: I plan on purchasing a Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker for outside, the road . . . As well as a pair of Audioengine A2 powered speakers. I was very well set on using the fairly new VOX Premium Music player and music storage (cloud). VOX is currently exclusively made for iPhones and Apple Macbbok Pro laptops. While they will “support” that is, play substandard music files I.e MP3 VOX is a music player that is focused on supporting HIGH RES lossless files.ALL OF THEM.Flac, DSD,PCM & a BUNCH of other Lossless formats, some familiar to me others new to me. FINALLY my question. Roon as surely peaked my interest. I just “discovered” Roon. Is it a music player I.e VOX ? Would I b able to listen to my MANY ripped cds & albums, the countess hours of high res live Grateful Dead files (full shows) on the Internet Archive, ITunes, Spotify . . using my VOX Player, my two different speaker set ups and still incorporate Roon ? Would I want to do that ? Assuming Roon is also a music player, is it superior to Cupertino’s VOX Premium Player ? I will b doing my own research. I have two weeks before purchasing/receiving my new Apple products, and this will be my primary music listening apparatus for the next two years while my home audio, dream system, slowly & surely comes to being. For example: NEARLY top of the line Focal floor standing speakers, Mark Levinston Pre Amp, Pass Labortories Amp. . . Any information to clear my confusion will be greatly appreciated. No doubt I’m pretty set on VOX &, out of the speakers I decided on, especially the Audioengine A2 power speakers. These VERY inexpensive desk top speakers that seem to have made EVERYONE’s 2018 lists (Sterophile. Audio Geek . . .) “GOTTA HAVE” “Beats Home Audio Speakers that cost 4X what these A2s do.” XZAnyways Help. Roon or VOX ??

Could you trim that down and ask exactly what you want to play. What equipment and network you already have and any definite plans you have for immediate purchase.

3 words: **Go For Roon**.It is working perfectly with Tidal (Premium/ Hifi), Qobuz, Spotify. It is easy to Connect to your existing Sonos or your Hifi. system You can also use your Bluenode with your own music on disk togheter with Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify. Roon also gives you 1 class update on music information. I have used Roon for 1 year subscription and will for sure go on with Roon. And of course you can upgrade with different Roon equipment if you want. For the record I have to say that have not tried Vox. GO FOR ROON!

I agree with your conclusion, but since Tom last visited this community over three years ago, it’s safe to assume that he went with Vox.

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Oftentimes old threads are best left dormant – this is one of them. As it is getting nowhere, I’ll put it to rest.

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