Music playing in zones out of sync

I have a NUC that I setup as a W10 driven Core and found the Roon system to be really informative and a huge upgrade to anything else I’d ever used to listen to music. Problem was that every time I grouped two or more zones they would play out of sync, similar to listening to music sung “in a round”. I decided to go ahead and install ROCK to see if it behaved better and it is not. When I group two zones, one starts and then the other starts a few seconds later…

I have a Bluesound Vault 2i and several Bluesound 2i players (Pulse 2i, Pulse Mini 2i and Flex 2i). All players are experiencing the same problem. I am one week into my two week trial and enjoy the flexibility that I have with Roon but will not be able to rationalize continuing past the trial if I can’t rectify. This seems like something that will probably be very easy if I was better versed in the configuration, but I need help.

Hi @scott_schreier,

Apologies for the trouble here! We currently have an open investigation with Bluesound and our technical team regarding these syncing issues. I can’t provide any specific timeframes for when a solution will be available, but we will be sure to keep you updated here when we have new information.

Thanks for reaching out! We appreciate the feedback.

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