Music quality of Roon

Hello dear people of Roon,

Great software - for music management.

But I will not use it anymore because I want to listen to music in good quality …
I have HQPlayer - but I do not feel like upsampling music and using 2 softwares.

Right now I’m listening to JRiver - and that sounds much better to me. And Amarra sounds great, too.

If you make it possible that your software sounds good like JRiver or Amarra, then you’re welcome.

Best regards,

If you are not upsampling / downsampling or any other changes to the signal, aren’t 0’s and 1’s just 0’s and 1’s?

Roon sounds pretty great to me

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Could you please elaborate what you mean? I do not understand how a software that gives out perfect bits can sound different.
If no filters, upsampling etc are used, the server software should sound the same.

Most likely: the louder the sound, the better it sounds (up to a certain limit). If any sort of volume leveling / intersample over protection / whatevs is enabled in Roon, then Roon’ll sound “less punchy”, or “less detailed” or whatever audiophile adjective du jour you need to express “less loud, but I want to say it fancy because I want to believe in fairytales of golden ears, and magic cables, and also I’d hear it if it were just not as loud I’m a card-carrying audiophile who hears the effect of a magical stone after all”.

So, @Volker_Ziro, start by measuring dB levels during playback. Because levels are relative, you don’t need an actual measuring device, just an iPhone with an app. Don’t touch it while measuring, play back the same file on the different players, and see if the number’s different.

The absolute number doesn’t matter, but what does is the difference between two measurements. So do it a few times.

If it’s off by more than, let’s say, .3 dB, that’s the difference you’re hearing, and you can fix that by turning the volume knob on your preamp.

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In Computer Audio I understand that various bit perfect players can sound different depending on how the computer is hooked up to a DAC.

With a direct connection (USB etc) there is scope for noise to migrate from the computer to the DAC. With a network connection between the computer and a small footprint network device (Roon Bridge or NAA) then there is less scope for such noise to affect the DAC.

When a computer is directly connected to the DAC then a program that uses the processor more than another can even make a discernible difference to some. Roon is relatively processor heavy, compared to other audio players, and so the devs recommend a network connection for best SQ results with Roon.

But as Xekomi notes above, unless volume is controlled when listening to different software/hardware combinations then it will be a much greater factor than processing noise.

Hi dear people,
First - I did not mean to offend Roon - sorry.
A great software for music management and of course you can hear music very well with Roon.

What I meant was that e.g. Jriver or Amarra sound more intense to me, with more atmosphere. I can not explain that either.

My wife recently said that she only felt the atmosphere when she switched to Jriver, which she did not feel at Roon or Audirvana. At the same song. And I did not do any louder.

Unfortunately, I can not test that with the volume, because I only listen to headphones.

My setup consists only of:
DAC (Chord TT2)
Headphone Amplifier (Bryston BHA-1)
Headphones (Hifiman HE 1000)

Thanks anyway for your interest and do not take me so seriously …
Listening to music is, I believe, also a lot of feeling and mood in the game.

Best regards,

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