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I’m looking for suggestions regarding mobile use of Roon. My goal is to configure Roon Core on my laptop so that it mirrors the Tidal, flac and playlist content that is on my home music server (sonicTransport i5). In other words, I listen to Roon every day at home via a music server. I listen to both flac files that are on my music server and Tidal tracks. And I create playlists containing both my flac files and Tidal tracks. I want to configure my laptop and come up with manageable update processes so that when I open Roon Core on my laptop while away from home, I have the same flac, Tidal and playlist experience that I have at home using my music sever.

Background: I produce events - concerts, festivals, etc. I’m often required to play music from my laptop at my events. Being able to have a mobile Roon experience that is identical to my home Roon experience would be valuable.

Currently, mirroring the flac files from my server to my laptop is easy and working well. Playlists and Tidal have been a different experience. More specifically, Playlists and Tidal integration are a disaster. In other words, Roon is adding zero value to my mobile experience. I might as well run JRiver for mobile playback. I’m hoping there is a way to change this current situation and make my Roon mobile experience what it should be.

In the long run, I’d like to have one Roon subscription and one Tidal subscription and achieve the above goal (open Roon Core on my laptop > un-authorize Roon on my home server > log into Roon on my laptop and thereafter, have the same flac, Tidal, playlist experience on my laptop as on my home music server).

Currently, I have two Roon accounts.

Right now, I’m looking for any solution - even if it requires me to have two Roon accounts. I just want a solution that works and is manageable.

My Current Configuration:
Roon Subscription #1 loaded on my home music sever and my Tidal account linked to this account.
Roon Subscription #2 loaded on my laptop and my Tidal account linked to the laptop Roon Core as well - i.e. I have my Tidal subscription linked to both of my Roon Cores (home server and laptop).

Current Issues:

  • I can’t export playlists from my music server. I have not be able to figure out a way to even export playlist data to a spreadsheet.
  • When I manually create playlists on my laptop Roon Core, the playlists refuse to play Tidal tracks in the playlists. And these Tidal tracks are showing up as being in my laptop Roon Core library. In other words, the playlist problem is not caused by the Tidal album not being in my library. Roon is tagging playlist songs as unavailable even though the songs are on Tidal albums that Roon shows as being in my library.

Here are screenshots of the above Playlist / Tidal issue (tracks “unavailable”):

Thanks for you attention and help! -Mark

Go to a playlist, hit Ctrl-A to select all, go to the top menu and choose Export to Excel.

Only Tidal tracks that are part of your library will be included in the Export.

Thank you! Much appreciated.

One issue solved. A few more to go…

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This thing just solved my issue- Acer Support.