Music services are not going to happen: Tidal is the only monopolist and its fine for Roon. So, this section can be closed!

After reading through most topics in this section and all the feedback of Roon employees I get the strong impression that Roon is happy with its single and monopolist music service Tidal. I see in this section many users arguing for opening Roon to other services but no solution that would satisfy the requirements of Roon management. So, to be honest to expectations of Roon users I would propose close this section. There is a Tidal section in the forum that can be used for all streaming purposes that Roon is following.

This is a perfectly good place to track the lobbying of other providers with a view to persuading them proper integration with Roon is worthwhile. That may still be beneficial to us.

Long live QOBUZ ! :slight_smile:

Roon is not content to have a single streaming service provider and remains open to integration with further providers who are able to provide the data referred to by Danny in this post:

So this section remains but the thread has nowhere to go.