Music should continue to play although removed from Qobuz/Tidal favourites

Hi, maybe the only thing that bugs me about ROON is this:

I play music (e.g. from one of the great ROON playlists) and see that the album on which this track appears is in my library. It is somewhere between 2000 albums… so I would like to remove it from the library and add it right back to the front of the timeline to bring it back into focus…

But wait…after removing it from the library, playback stops, the screen is blank, I get scared, think of the Windows “bluescreen” and ask myself “what have you done wrong again…?”

With really EVERY music software I can change the favourite status without disturbing the playback. Why is this not possible with ROON? If, for example, I am listening to a ROON playlist, which was created completely independently of my library, and I remove the track or the album that is currently being played from my library, then playback also stops…

Suggestion: please allow the music to continue playing even if the album currently playing is deleted from the library!

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Why would you do this when there is the recent activity panel on the home screen?

When you remove media from your library, its location ceases to exist in Roon.

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One can argue the use case of the OP (removing and adding back) but the observation is correct. When removing an online album from the library mid-play, playback is stopped. I believe that played tracks are even removed from the history although I may be confusing this with the queue as it’s been some time since I experienced this.

To me this behavior is inconsistent with playing an album from an online service that is not in my library. When doing this, the play remains in my history and queue.

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If an album is deleted, the data is retained in the database, but no longer displayed (unless library clean-up is performed.)

Play history is retained: “Unavailable” is displayed under these tracks.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I mean! Of course, it’s ONLY about playing albums from Qobuz or Tidal. I can play all music from these services, regardless of whether the album is in my favourites or not!
So why does ROON stop playing, even though the music data is still available on Qobuz ( for example ) and ( as far as I know ) the playback is directly from the Qobuz server and NOT from my music library. The music library is only a collection of links to the corresponding data at Qobuz…

Because the release on a streaming service is a different database entity to that held in your library.

This assumption is incorrect. It is much more than this; only the storage location is Qobuz. In other words, such releases are treated the same as anything from your “physical” collection, and may be edited in much the same way.

In essence, you expect a CD player to continue playing music after ejecting the disk.

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I understand that…and it seems to be a ROON peculiarity that a quasi independent music biotope is created and not like other streaming apps simply the music data is forwarded…well, on this system is probably also based, the possibility to assign incredibly diverse metadata, info and connections, to each individual album of ROON!?..
If it is a system-related process, then there is probably nothing that can be done about it…I will be able to live with it, the advantages and possibilities of ROON surpass this small inconvenience many times over!

@Martin_Webster: Thanks for the kind explanations :blush:

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That is one way to look at. And I can understand the reasoning for a local track. However a track that is being played from Qobuz or Tidal remains available. With that same analogy, if I have a Qobuz or Tidal subscription I can start playing any track that is available on these platforms without actually loading it in the CD player. The user experience feels inconsistent.

I’ve learned to live with it as well. It’s definitely not a critical issue. Which is why I haven’t voted :wink:.
As workaround for the behaviour I did the following:

  1. Created a tag (e.g. “Remove from Library”)
  2. When you hear a track or album that you want to remove from your library, tag it with the dedicated tag
  3. Every now and then, do some “maintenance” on your library by navigating to the Tags tab, looking for the tag, and removing tracks or albums that are associated with it.

Sure it’s a bit more work, but not the end of the world. :smiley:

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Yes, you can certainly do it that way…thanks for the tip!
Another way doesn’t work, surprisingly…I deleted the album and tried to access it again via the history. Surprisingly that didn’t work, the album was shown as " not available"… But of course it was still there…
But, as you really said:

Yes, Roon is not like other music players. :slightly_smiling_face:

This workaround did not work for me…logical actually, since tags can only refer to contents of the library!

But what does work for me is probably a simpler way. In the history of the playlist (NOT “history” in “my stuff”!) all played tracks remain available, even if the album has been deleted. Via the context menu, I go to the corresponding album and can add it back to the library.

I guess your use case is a bit different from mine. I simply want to remove a track or album from the library without adding it again. So I add the tag BEFORE removing the album so that playback can continue.

But good to hear you have something that works for you :+1: