Music skipping and beeping on Roon playback (ref#KRT0X7)

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Description of Issue

music starts skipping and beeping then stops

Roon Server Platform


Roon Server Specifications

HP laptop

Connected Audio Devices

sonos ZP 80, sonos play 5 speakers, cambridge dac magic 200m

Home Network Details

wifi, eeros wife extender

Can you clarify a few things:

  • is the music that you are playing local files or streaming? If both, does the issue occur with both sources?
  • does this issue occur on all the endpoints that you have listed?
  • if you setup an endpoint using the speakers in your laptop, does the issue also occur there?


I am only streaming. As far as I know I only have one endpoint since I am not sure what that means. the music is playing through my home stereo speakers and I have a denon receiver, a cambridge dac magic 200 and also going through a sonos system. It just happens randomly. I can go a half an hour with perfect streaming, then a couple beeps and the music either just stops or comes back a few seconds later. when it stops, I have to rehit the play button on roon and it is fine again. I am at least 30 minutes in right now with no issues. at first I though it was my laptop. it seemed to be happening while my firefox browser was open but that was not it. I updated all the drivers on my laptop and rebooted it. It feels a little more stable now, but it has still gone out a couple times after I did all this.

Roon Endpoints are those audio devices displayed in Roon’s Settings > Audio screen that you have enabled. An endpoint is also known as a Zone in Roon terminology.

Looking at your first post, I would guess that you have three endpoints:

  • Sonos ZP 80
  • Sonos play 5
  • Cambridge DAC

If you enable the system output on your laptop in the Audio devices screen, you will have a fourth.

Is your laptop connected only by wifi, and not a wired connection? If so, then this could well be the issue - a Roon Server should be connected via ethernet to your network.

yes, that is pretty much how I have everything .I cant put my laptop on a wired connections though. (as I was typing this, my roon beeped and went out) I do have my main computer in another room though. if this does not resolve itself, do you think I should put roon on my main computer? since it is in another room away from where I listen to music, could I also have the roon on my laptop to control what I am listening to, but have the server on my main computer

Yes, of course this can be done - Roon Server on a computer with a wired ethernet connection, and then the Roon UI on your laptop.

Thanks Geoff, that is helpful. I am only a couple days into this. I dont have a music library, just streaming, but the roon interface is far better than any other way I was listening to much. I will try switching the server to my main computer if this does not magically fix itself.

sorry, but after I put it on my main computer as the server will it automatically recognize my laptop as a device?

Initially, it will be the other way round, when you start up Roon on your laptop, it looks for a running Roon Server in your home network…

gotcha, so I pretty much always have to have the server running on my main computer or it wont show up on the laptop?

I think I have it done. I am not quite sure. I had to go back and forth a few times and initially it said I had to pay for more of something, but I have it on my main computer and am not listening on my laptop so I will see what happens after that. Still not sure if I did it all right though.

now it wont let me sign in on the phone app. it says I need more authorizations

sorry, think I figure out that to. there were two choices I had on the iphone app both showing desktop server even though one was on the laptop. I just selected the wrong one the first time. so far so good. thanks again

I give up. just start beeping again, then shut down and I had to restart. I may have to cancel my roon

“More authorizations” is a sign that you have more than one Roon Server active at any one time. A Roon licence is per active Roon Server.

Hi @steve_beinhorn,
Are you still having issues with Roon?

Daniel, thanks for checking. every now and then, but not as much as when I first started. I am hoping it is working itself out. I have gone a few hours with no issues.

Daniel, actually I am having a problem, but it is probably my problem. I cant figure out how to make an artist a favorite and have them in my artist sections. Also, there seems to be some artists and albums there that I dont even want there. I am not sure how they got there to begin with. How do I get them out of there?

Every artist who has a primary artist role (and maybe some other important roles) on your albums is added to the My Artists page in Roon. You can’t add an artist without adding an album of theirs, and you can’t remove an artist.

You can favorite them with a :purple_heart:, though, and make Roon only show those on My Artists

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