Music stopped playing for no reason

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2012 MacMini

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Ethernet - Sonore UltraRendu

I am a new user to both Roon and the ultraRendu. To this point, I have not had a problem getting music to play (the library is another story). Tonight I played the first song of an album with no issue.

Upon trying to play another song, the sound stopped. To the left of the song title, the little bars are moving super and down as if a song is playing. On the play bar at the bottom, the cursor doesn’t move forward and obviously no sound comes out.

I am mystified as to why play would suddenly stop when I didn’t change anything from song to song . I have tried restarting Roon and restarting the Mac.

Try turning the dac and microRendu on and off.

Thank you!!! That worked.

Please close this thread.