Music stops playing after 20 minutes after roon ipad remote went sleep mode


I am using Roon Remote on both iPAD mini and iPAD Air 2. and i use my marantz network player as Airplay endpoint.
After 20 minutes after iPAD goes to sleep mode, music stops playing .
But as soon as i woke up my iPAD and Roon Remote , music continues playing from the point of music stopped . I don’t think it is normal behavior as far as i know.
Is there any settings to check or modify to prevent Roon from stopping music after iPAD remote goes to sleep mode ?

Roon is not designed to do that.

Do you have any power save settings that are set for 20mins on your machine running Roon core ? My guess is that your machine is going to sleep and only the iPad is keeping it awake.

There is a setting in the iPad Roon to prevent iPad sleep.

Where are you running the Core? iPad sleep can’t impact audio playback as it’s just a remote.

I am running the Roon core on Mac mini and i set both computer sleep and display sleep off on mac energy saver preference.

@DAEGUN_Park – and when your ipad sleeps, your mac sleeps?

i am running my mac with headless so i am not sure my mac sleeps when my ipad sleeps.
but i don’t think mac sleeps when ipad sleeps. because i am running some services on mac
I am suspicious about the energy saver option “put the hard diskto sleep when possible”
I checked this option. Maybe does this affect this behavior?


Well, the iPad has no functionality of stopping the music when it sleeps, so if your audio stops playing, the problem is elsewhere.

Can you reproduce this reliably?

@danny i guess i can reproduce this. Yesterday i checked this behavior , the times take stopping music vary from 15 minutes to 25 minutes .

Hello @danny

I guess i get the clue why this issue comes from. I don’t know the exact reason but I think my mac’s gigabit ethernet connection loses its connectivity to router if there is no interaction with mac for a while.
When Roon stops playing music to my airplay receiver, i just ping to my mac from my lap top. After that music plays again. so i just put the simple script on mac and run on startup not to lose connection
I guess it can resolve this problem. I will test whether it solve the problem or not.


Sounds good @DAEGUN_Park – this really does sounds like some sort of sleep setting, so I would double-check everything involved, including routers and Airplay devices to confirm no devices are set to sleep.


I don’t know Mac, use Windows, but I found a separate sleep setting for the network adapter…