Music stops playing after 3 sec. and jumps further from title to title

Since Version 1.8 I very frequently have the issue that titles from my own mediathek in the waitlist take 5-7 sec. to search them, then they play for 2-3 seconds, then they are stopped and after 5-7 sec. the next title is found, played 2-3 sec., stops and so on… ROON has lost it’s usability this way. Also in case that the waitlist is played properly it most likely will stop somewhere in between without going to the end.

In the previous version 1.7 one could have this problem with tidal and slow streaming. Now I have this problem with my own SSD 1TB (Mac-Mini 2011, High Sierra). Also restarting the core or restarting the computer does not help

There is no error-message at all which would allow to trace the problem!

Regards Felix

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Similar problems here with playing Tidal. As a test I am now playing over ethernet cables only (core input & endpoint input) to eliminate the possibility that it is my wifi. Problem just the same. Playback stops. Playback skips songs.

Francois: I had this problem with Tidal occasionally with 1.7 ==> There was an error message!
Now the same behaviour is with 1.8 but WITHOUT any error-message.
It seems to be problem WITHIN ROON and we need the #support support of ROON

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Hi Felix. I am new, so I never used 1.7. Before build 778 I had the issue occasionally, which was annoying but not extremely. Since build 778 it occurs all the time. There are several threads on this issue now. Tidal users are experiencing it, Qobuz users too, and even users who just play their own ripped albums. I know of one post in which there has been a reaction of a Roon staff member: Roon cutting out and changing through songs rapidly (but I see you already reacted to that post as well).

Hi @Felix_P

Apologies for the delay! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

If you play to System Output of the Mac so that the network is not involved at all, do you see the same behavior occur? Or is this limited to playback to specific endpoints?

Can you provide a bit more detail about your setup, including audio devices that this happens with and the network configuration?

Dylan, thanks for taking care on this annoying issue!
I cannot reproduce this bug intentionally. I am using LAN only, no issue of Wifi. It is really ROON-related as - if occurring - it stops playing after 2-3 seconds and jumps further to the next title in the queue.

My set-up is a mac-mini 2011 with a new Samsung SSD 1TB streaming to bluesound node 2i. I had the same problem in 1.7 with Tidal (reporting slow loading), now I have the problem occasionally with 1,8 and my own mediathek. Since you have released new builds I do not know if this problem is / has been related to a specific build.

Dylan: The problem really is TERRIFIC! ROONS mission ist to play music properly! If it fails in this basic feature, it is of no use at all! I consider to downgrade to Version 1.7 again! How I can get this download?

Even I cannot Pause the music if it is the LOOP of skipping music due to an unknown misprogramming!

Kind regards


Dear All!

These issues are reported in several blog-streams. It would be really time, to address this issue with high priority, which is a pain still 1.8!
I am not willing to shut down ROON every few hours in order to be able to play my music properly! (MacMini 2011, 1TB SSD Samsung, Own Mediathek).

For you Dylan: Normally Music plays instantly within one second. In this case the software seems distracted with other tasks and takes several seconds to identify titles already in the waitlist…and skips them… ==> playing the CURRENT and NEXT title ALWAYS must have priority number one!

I finally want to hear that this issue gets high attention as well as resolution by ROON’s Team! Otherwise please provide a possibility to downgrade to 1.7!



#dylan; #support

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Hi @Felix_P

Please note the exact local time + date when this issue next occurs and the name of the track that was playing and upload your Roon Logs by using these instructions. The best way to get them over to me would be via Dropbox / Google Drive, but if you don’t have either service please let me know and I can provide alternate upload instructions.

It is concerning that after these types of issues have been reported for months, that Roon clearly have not followed up and attempted to do anything about it. Its not good enough anymore to ask for date and time events, how proactive are the testing teams in replicating play and connectivity issues? Can we see the top 20 Roon priorities, in terms of bugs and issues?


Spotify HiFi will be here soon and it will connect seamlessly to your Roon endpoint.
I don’t know about you, but when that day comes it will be goodbye Tidal, Qoboz and Roon for me.

ROON has made a few updates recently. For the time being the problem seems to be gone.
But it would be nice if ROON would inform also briefly if they have addressed this.
Even it is understandable that the Release of 1.8 and its teething troubles kept the entire team busy, ROON shall take care on it’s customers and listen to them. Improvement is necessary for contuinued customer-satisfaction!

Are these problems also gone for others?

Hello @dylan ,
I have the same issues on a Win 10 PC (20H2) with Bluesound Node 2i Streamer.
Please give advice if you need some log files. Don’t know how it works, but I’m willing to learn. Tidal and local titles, mostly minimum CD quality, PC with Ryzen
5, 4650g, 32GB RAM, 500 MB SSD, Lokal titles on NAS, LAN connection Gbit/s, min. 600Mbit Internet connection, realized at Build 783 and 790, haven’t had 1.7 Version because I’m new ar roon. No issues live that with BluOS or via Tidal App. Thanks

I hoped the problem to be gone, but the aborting and skipping still reoccurs “randomly”. Sometimes it reoccurs after a search. Agree, it could be a cache-problem or problem of priority-setting for the waitlist. I am not prepared to spend time with providing details as long as I have the feeling that ROON’s support is not really dedicated to chase and resolve this problem. Clients have been suffering now for many weeks already! Again: proper playing is the BASIC need in streaming. Again: it is affecting the local mediathek, no Internet-issue.

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