Music stops playing in middle of track and lose audio device

While playing a track from an album, the music just stops. I then notice the message, ‘No Audio Devices Found’ is displayed. I click on Manage Audio Devices, but there are none to be found at this point when I click on Audio initially, but then the whole list comes up. Very slowly, though. I can then get back to playing the track eventually.

I’m on Roon Version 1.6 (build 390) stable (64 bit)

My laptop PC is running Windows 10 with 16GB memory and 1 TB storage. My music files are stored on an external Western Digital ‘My Passport’ drive.

The sound driver is Realtek Audio WASASPI and I’m running two BOSE speakers through the headphone jack.

Also, Roon is taking an extraordinary amount of time to come up as well.

Add in a network description, router, wired, wireless etc,

Hi @Edwin_Sell,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue, can you please provide some more networking setup information as Ged mentioned? Is this behavior just on the Core or are you making use of any Roon Remotes that are affected by this issue as well? Is your Core on WiFi or Ethernet?


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