Music stops playing..look at WEB UI and it says "ROON SERVER SOFTWARE NOT RUNNING"

I rebooted my nucleus and it is fine…I have had a rough time with this Nucleus from very beginning

What happens when you click the Start button?

Good question and not sure why i didnt try that before rebooting but i didn’t

Hopefully that will get you up and running again.

@thomas_clark1 Did hitting start cure the issue for you? Suddenly tonight I’m having a similar problem, and restarting it only works for a minute or two. Then it stops again. Mine’s not running long enough for the software to even start playing any music. I wonder if your issue is similar.

No i didnt try that
My 1st move was to reboot. Things fine when it restarted

@Edward_Callaway - are you still having the issue of Roon Server on your Nucleus stopping after a short while?

If so, the first thing to try is to reinstall the Roon Operating System on your Nucleus using the Web Administration page.

If that doesn’t help, please open a Support request in the Nucleus Support category of the forum. I note that you had problems with your Nucleus back in December 2021, and that was an SSD failure. I hope this isn’t the sign of the second SSD failure, but if it is, the Support team will assist you again.

I only had this issue once and it has not happened again.
Not sure what you mean having a SSD failure
1st im hearing of it.

My post was for Edward - as your issue appears resolved then fine; enjoy the music. :grinning:

Yes Geoff, still having the same issue, despite reinstalling the OS, restarting, rebooting, power cycling, and every other reset I can find. I’ll submit a support ticket again.

OK, but first (if you have a backup), try these steps:

Tried creating the new database, but I have the same results. If I restart the Roon server software, it initially connects with the Nucleus, but drops it in less than a minute. When I refresh the web UI, Roon server is back to “not running.”

OK, then best to create a new Support request and fill out all the details in the template you’ll get when you create a new post in the Nucleus Support category of the forum.

I’ve submitted the support ticket. Are you saying I also need to add the same information in a new thread in the Nucleus Support category on these boards?

If you’ve submitted a request via an email to Roon Labs, then you don’t need to fill out a Support Request here in the forum as well.

Roon Labs actually prefer to have Support Requests handled via the forum. Roon Labs has stated in the past that they see value in having support issues being addressed in the open forum, where they can be seen and followed by everyone.

I may do that. The support ticket process is painfully slow (no response since Thursday, and each question is a two-day turnaround).

Consider yourself very lucky to get responses in 2 days.

Thomas you’re right. It’s now been a week since I entered this ticket, with no reply whatsoever. That’s pitiful service.

Luckily, after a weekend away, I returned home to find my Nucleus working again. Thank goodness, because it appears I will never get any support from Roon.

Good to hear things are working now.
I share your frustration with their support model

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