Music stops playing randomly

Just recently I’ve had an issue with random dropouts of the App.

v1.1 Roon on both my PC (as Server) and laptop as remote. Also using the App on a mini-Ipad
Windows 10 on my server, Win7 on the laptop.
Music is stored locally on the PC in a dedicated physical harddrive
Streaming to an end point of a Meridian ID40 card in an 861v4
All of my files are in FLAC format, roughly 1200 albums. I only listen to my own files

Specific issue:
Whilst playing a track successfully, music will intermittently stop. The Play/Pause button does nothing. Track timing bar has stopped. Appears to be still connected to my 861 as that’s showing in the button right of the screen
Can be successfully resolved by closing down the Roon application on my PC and rebooting it, though clearly that’s NOT the ideal solution as the kit is in different rooms

Let me know if you need any more info.

Is the server is on a wired connection or wifi?

Are there any IP powerplugs between LAN and 861/ID40?

The system is wired. However, it’s not just ethernet. I’m also using home-plugs and from a “fiddle” around, they appear to be the cause. I’ve recently added a Roku 2 streaming unit into the same room as my 861 and it appears to be sucking up bandwidth, even when supposedly doing nothing, meaning that they ID40 is being starved of data and resulting in drops.
I unplugged the Roku and things have been fine for several hours now. I’m going to hold off saying case closed until I’ve proven this a little more, but it does look like I have a temporary solution. Of course a better one would be to replace the home-plugs with full Cat6, but that’s would be substantially less WAF…

Starving the Meridian end points will result in zone drops like that. I had the same when running Roon server via wifi to an MS600 with files on a NAS (on a test rig). Just too much traffic for the wifi to handle.

M updated firmware to help with network stability. Check you have the latest on the ID40.