Music stops randomly when zones are grouped [Solved - OSX Hardware Issue]

Hmmm. Just stopped at 19:12

And at 20:52. In both cases, on the first track of a new album

22:05 Just started playing on only one of the two grouped systems. I stopped it playing and restarted, and it played on both.

22:06 Now just started playing on one, then stopped on the first and started on the second, then stopped.

22:09 Stopped again

18:07 It started to play, then stopped, when I restarted it, it on only the DAC. I stopped it again and restarted it, and it played on both.

18:08 Stopped again. There have been other times it has stopped but it was not convenient to log them.

18:26 Again stopped and then started only on DAC. It took 2-3 attempts to get it playing.

I used to have the Roon Server on my MBP, so I have deleted it fully from my MBP (I have a clean-up app installed) and am reinstalling it. Let’s see if that helps.

23:09 Just stopped again, so the MBP reinstall did not change anything.

Hello @Richard_Presser,

Thanks for providing those timestamps. I would like to eliminate one other variable here and see if the behavior is the same here if you temporarily host your Roon Core on your Macbook Pro and then attempt to play back to both of the zones. Can you give this a try?

Also, can you please provide the networking setup you have? Be sure to include the model/manufacturer of your router, any switches, range extenders, powerline adapters, ect. that you are making use of and how both the NAS and the Macbook are connected here.


I live in Australia where the power is 240V and very stable. I have surge protectors on the power but this issue pre-dates those.
The Synology box is connected to a Cyberpower UPS. All devices (Synology box, MBP and DAC) are connected to a weeks old Linksys Ethernet switch, though this issue long pre-dates that switch. This is not hardware at that level. The MBP is a high end 2017 15" model with the fastest processor and 2TB of SSD.
I will check using the MBP as the server for testing purposes.

10:06 Just stopped mid-track and jumped to the next one. I will keep going with this, but there is a LAN connection change I want to make on the MBP and test it in both forms. I will keep logging the failures but I will tell you when I’m done with my testing.

Hi @Richard_Presser,

Thanks for letting me know that info, but I am still uncertain of what types of network you are using. If you can please list the model/manufacturer of your router/switches and how everything is connected this may provide some more information as to where the issue lies.

As for the 10:06 timestamp you mentioned, was this when you were using the Macbook as the Core or are you still on the Synology NAS? After you conclude your network testing feel free to let me know some more timestamps however, listing only a few (3 or so) will suffice to find a pattern here, there is no need to report all instances that playback de-syncs.


All of the devices are connected through a Linksys SE4008 Ethernet switch . The router, providing wifi and Internet connection is not in these interconnections. It is also ethernet connected to the Linksys device. The router is a Vodafone wifi hub. It is also quite new. So the interconnection of these devices could not be simpler, albeit unusual these days as straight Ethernet switches are not often used these days. I added it because the Vodafone router only has two ethernet ports. The router it replaced had 4, all of which I was using.
The 10:06 report was on the MBP. It occurred to me the issue could be the Elgato USB-C port extender I use to connect a raft of things to my MBP, as I had seen dropouts when playing DSD256 through its Ethernet port when the MBP was the Roon Server, whereas the Belkin USB-C to Ethernet adapter I have ran this just fine, so I decided to plug the MBP into the switch with this. I’ll update you when I have played some more. Currently I’m back on the Synology NAS box.

18:37 Did not start correctly on the two outputs. Only on the DAC. This after restarting Roon on the MBP as it would not load the album when moving from the track display to the album display. I see this happen also on the iPad version and I shut the app and restart and it clears itself.
So, the Belkin adapter has not changed anything.
I will return to using the MBP as the server for further testing.

18:46 Stopped showing a performance loading error and jumped to the next track. Machine is not taxed and I put the music files on the SSD on the MBP, so I would not expect this. The file is FLAC 96kHz 24 bit.

19:58 Restarted via the DAC controller, it played for about 5 seconds, then stopped.

This was on the MBP as a server

Given I have shown there are issues on the MBP as server, also, when the two outputs are grouped, I’m switching back to the NAS, now.