Music stops when I search with the magnifying glass

Core Machine

Macintosh 27". OS 10.14.6 (End 2014)

Network Details
Cisco SG110D-05 - Ethernet from the Mac

Audio Devices
Merging Hapi Ravena AES67

Library Size

Description of Issue


If I listen to a song at the same time as I do a search with the magnifying glass (in Qobuz for example), or at the same time as I correct and type a title in the “edit” section pf a record, the music I am listening to stops playing…

Can I avoid this problem?

Thank you.

Hi @KDM — That doesn’t sound right!

What kind of remote are you using? Does it happen with all remotes?

Can you share a video of what you’re seeing?

@dylan Hey Dylan. I am not using a remote (??!!). It happens when I am searching a title on my computer, on the search window of the application. Or when I am typing something in the edit window of a record. See attached. :slight_smile:

Still nobody ? (Music stops playing when I am typing an edit (in the edit window) - see picture above)