Music storage on ROCK

Issue 1: I am using roon rock on an Intel 10th generation NUC with a 500gb SSD drive that stores my music as well as the ROCK operating system. I am not sure how I would add new music to that drive; my windows pc does not show that drive on my network even though it shares the same network through an ethernet cable. How do I make the SSD plugged into my rock visible on my windows pc so that I can transfer music over to it.

Issue 2: I have a Samsung 64 gb thumb drive attached to the NUC for backup. My windows pc does not see that drive on the network. How do I get visibility of that thumb drive?

My Intel Nuc works fine; and I can type in the ethernet address to get the status of the machine. I just do not have any control or visibility over how to add music or do a backup using a windows machine to configure it.

Er, sorry, but you should not be using the m.2 SSD that is used for Roon OS and Roon for music storage as well.

Music should be stored on an additional SSD or HDD that is attached to the internal SATA interface of the NUC or externally attached via USB.

This is explicitly stated in the ROCK article in the Help portal.

Issue 2: if you are not able to see the NUC in the Windows File Explorer at all (even after you explicitly type \\ROCK\ in the address field of Explorer), then you probably need to add SMBv1 support to Windows. Go to Settings > Apps & features in Windows, click on the Programs and Features link on that screen, then click on the “Turn Windows features on or off” in the screen that comes up. Scroll down the list of features, expand the SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support, and check the SMB 1.0/CIFS Client box. Click OK and close out the windows once SMBv1 support has been added.

I am able to see the rock folders when I type in \rock. Here is what I see:

I have a 64gb Samsung thumb drive attached and I could certainly transfer the music to it if it showed up anywhere. It does not seem to be recognized at all however since I see it nowhere on the system.

@mikeb gave you the answer in your other post with this question.

I now have the visibility of the Rock using the //rock/ command. Thanks for that help. I will stop this thread; I still have an issue of how to get the thumb drive that I have plugged into the nuc recognized by anything in the system. I know it works because when I plug it into the Windows PC, it shows up on Explorer; just not when it is in the nuc.

It’s probably there, but it’s path with be inside the rock ‘internal storage’ folder, it will not show as a separate drive like in windows.

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