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So I am running ROCK on an Intel NUC. The music is stored on a QNAP NAS. Everything is rock solid. But today I had to update firmware on the NAS, and of course storage was unavailable for Roon during the update. It seemed Roon started to delete the database and loosing the connection to the media as if the folders were deleted. I got messages like the album was deleted. I understand not the actual media, but I have 221000 tracks, and cannot risk that everytime NAS is unavailable I have to rebuild the database afterwards.
Do i need to shut down ROCK or stop monitoring folders everytime NAS reboots?
What if i forget and reboot NAS or it goes down or is unavailable for some reason, do I risk that the ROON-database is cleared?

If you are doing an update, simply shut ROCK down. It is simple to do and doesn’t create any unusual circumstances for Roon.

Or in the ROCK GUI select “Roon Server Software”>Stop
Lots of ways to do it. But best to keep Roon from confusing its self.

This should not clear the database, but it can create some errors. The most likely one will be found by going to Roon>Settings>Library>Library Maintenance>Clean Up Library>Clean Up N Files That Are Not Associated With a Storage Location (or maybe the next one “Disabled Storage Location”. These are simply cleared and you’re good again.

On the other hand, if you have good database backups, you will never fear these things!

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That sounds strange to me.
I have been using roon since Nov 2018. (ROCK, attached to an old Windows Home Server (SMB) where the Music is stored.
To safe Energy, I automatically wake up the WHS from sleep with the “calendar Function” in WHS):
Mo. – Do. 16:00 – 23:00
Fr.: 13:00 – 01:00
So.: 10:00 – 03:00 (for example)
ROCK is online 24/7 – and the Windows Home Serve is sleeping, more or less the half day. (like my Cat )
It never happened that ROCK deletes Information from his Database, because the WHS is not online and/or roon did not see his watch folders.

Everything is absolute ok und I am very hype with this solution.

Yes I sleep my NAS during the day and have never had an issue.

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