Music streamer questions

Am i correct in assuming that in order to play my music library thru my home stereo i would need a streamer like Bluesound???
Also if so any recomendations?

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It’d be really helpful if you described the location of your music library and where you intend to run Roon, plus details of your home stereo, and if you already have a DAC, the make and model.

library is on portable HD (Flac) …Roon running on desktop pc…Dynaco amp & pre amp…Advent spkrs…no DAC

Yes, something like a Node 2i will handle the communication with Roon, and also contains a DAC for the D/A conversion so that you can run the analog into your Dynaco gear.

I think the latest version is the Node X.

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This will depend on your budget. You can start with an inexpensive Wiim Pro or go for expensive high-end solution.
Roon provides a list of partners on their website. You can find it here. It’s organized by brand, but not that it contains all types of devices (integrated amps, dacs, bridges…)

I would recommend to choose a “Roon Ready” device for optimal experience.

PS: I’m moving your thread to the Audio Gear Talk category as this is a more suitable section of the community for addressing your question.

When it comes to streamers they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and prices.

I have 2 of them. A 99 Dollar WiiM mini and a Cambridge Audio CXNv2 which goes for around 1000 Euro.

It will be up to you to decide which streamer will be fitting for you.

You’ve mentioned the Node. I have no experience with them. But I have been reading a lot of positive things about them.

And when it comes to Roon. Roon Ready is a great thing. My Cambridge has it but my WiiM mini does not.

The WiiM mini does work with Roon. But it can only be accessed through AirPlay. The Cambridge is fully supported.

The nodes are ok but the internal DAC is not great unless you go for the newer Node X which is more expensive. You could look at the Eversolo DMP-A6 a an alternative l, has a lot going for it and a good price.

Yes, the DMP-A6 seems like a bargain, for about the same price as the Node X.

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