Music Streaming Speakers

I’m looking to purchase a single enclosure powered speaker < 600 USD and looking for options. I know Bluesound Pulse Mini and Elac discovery Z3 are options. I’m looking for any recommendations for similar type products. It is mainly going to be used for passive listening in bedroom and to be brought outside on out back deck. I plan on connecting via WiFi and I get good signal both places. I am open to non RAAT devices, and would plug in a chromecast audio via optical. Syncing with other zones is not a requirement. Thanks.

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I purchased a Elac Discovery Z3 and it worked OK. The wifi is not great. It won’t work with a hidden network, and if the wifi is not very strong, it may not find it. The sound was OK but not quite as nice as I was expecting. The app for the ELAC sucks. I ended up returning it and going a much more expensive route but I’m way more happy. Like you I wanted sound in my house and outside. What I ended up doing is getting a factory refurbished NDA C368 with BlueOS from Safe and Sound and I got a pair of PSB Image Minis for inside, and a pair of PSB CS1000 outdoor speakers for my patio all on eBay. Yes, I spent $1,500 USD more than the Elac, but it is RAAT and the NAD has A and B speaker outputs so I can play sound outside and inside at the same time or select one or the other. The sound is awesome, way better than the ELAC, and I’m not lugging a speaker back and forth. The NAD has a great app for your phone or tablet. I tucked the NAD out of sight and turn it on and off and select all my settings using the Bluetooth app. I’m so glad I did it this way. Very solid sound and nothing to lug around. Well worth the extra investment.

I built 2 of my own using pi’s HifiBerry amps and spare speakers couldnt be happier.

I use a single Sonos speaker on the porch. It just works. Roon can see it, also Spotify. It runs Tidal, TuneIn, and many other services.

Haven’t heard it but the Ruark MRx may be worth a listen as the MR1 is good - it has an optical in. Worth searching for Audiopro on the forum too as I know they’ve come up a bit. And of course if you’re happy to go the RPi DAC/Amp route there’s lots more options (Roon can be configured to output as Mono).