Music To Dream With

I hope this isn’t too cheeky of me, but I’ve been an avid Roon user for 2-3 years, and since this is a community of dedicated music aficionados (and following on from Roon’s blog post about International Jazz Day) I thought some of you might be interested in a new album I’ve just released today, available as a Tidal Master:

(It’s not available on Qobuz as they use a different distribution system which I’m not plugged into yet!)

Oh, and what might be interesting for Roon’s meta data is that while Spotify, Google/YouTube, Apple have me as a separate artist, Tidal (and Deezer, and others) merged my music with another Mark Lewis!

It took me months to get Tidal to create a separate account for me, which is here:

But then DistroKid (who distribute my music) stuck my new album on the other Mark Lewis’s account!

Oh well, will eventually get it sorted, no doubt.

Hopefully I haven’t broken any rules here my ‘promoting’ my music. Of course I’m not selling anything, as it’s all available to stream for free!

But I do hope, if you do take the time to listen to any of it, that you enjoy it. And please do let me know any feedback you have if you do listen.

Thank you.