Music Track Displayed Roon Labs/Tidal But Freezes/Does Not Play When Oppo UDP 203 Hardware Involved

My issue is a recent concern that when playing music streamed from Tidal via Roon Labs software, that the track froze and would not play. I used a NUC which provided the framework. The music came via a Oppo UDP-203 CD player wired, which was then sent by co-axial to a DAC, and then out to the integrated amplifier. I used a Google Pixel C tablet or a Pixel 3 XL cell phone (Android products) to look up and play Tidal music (either my own collection or Tidal music product).

The Roon allows you to set up more than one “core” location to go to play your music. I set up one core to be the Pixel C itself playing the music on its own internal speakers. Used that way I never had a problem – the music played fine.

I set up a second core which I designated the “Oppo Studio” which played the music coming directly through the UDP-203 out to the DAC and then by RCA cable Left and right to the integrated amplifier.

When I used the Oppo Studio core the track showed up on the screen, but pressing play would not start the track. It was simply inert. I tried music from Tidal both from own collection which was on an attached hard drive that Tidal displayed as well as Tidal music product. Either way the track did not move, although it was identified properly.

Roon in March 2020 started a thread when the freeze issue was raised not related to the Oppo but when using a Pixel C or Pixel 3 XL as a search tool to find the music via Roon/Tidal. And that issue was cited as resolved by a Roon software update in March 2020, the 1.7 release, but no mention was made of UDP-203 being used in the audio setup. My Oppo UDP-203 has had Oppo’s most recent firmware update, so that could not be the problem.

Please advise what to do to fix this. Thank you.

I’ll move this to support so it can be seen better. What machine are you using as your roon server, what equipment is in your network and how are things attached - wired, wireless…

The Roon server is through an Intel NUC Mini PC KIT BOX (NUC7i5BNH i5-7260U DDR4 NUC7i5BNH nuc i5). It has worked fine for months with the Oppo UDP 203 player. This is a recent problem. This device was wired into the back of the Oppo player.

The entire set up is viewed on a LG 4K TV, and when working properly, in addition to the track showing as playing on the Pixel C or Pixel 3 XL, the TV itself would show the Oppo 203 playing the Roon Tidal track on the TV screen. This presentation on the TV was similar to when I used the Oppo 203 to physically play a track not on Roon/Tidal but to play a physical CD, which still can be done properly by the Oppo 203.

And have you rebooted everything, roon, oppo etc?

I will go try again this morning.

Include your network equipment if you are able to do so without annoying others :speaking_head::speaking_head:

Is that play button in Roon? If not, does it work when you use the play button in Roon (from the Roon Remote App on your Pixel C or XL for example) instead?

I rebooted everything, and it worked!! Oppo plays both CD and now Roon/Tidal.

Sorry to have bothered you.

It worked this morning using the Pixel C using the Roon app.

No bother I’m just a user like yourself. They are all just computers so if ANYTHING isn’t working properly, reboot everything. Show it who’s boss :wink:

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