Musica Pristina Music Player

I haven’t seen any posts yet about using this rather small company’s hardware. I just upgraded from their former A Capella model which was a Win-based server, to their newest Roon-ready A Capella II model, which is Linux-based.
This model was really built with Roon in mind, as there is only 1 network input available, and only a USB output (I2S is also available as an option) and absolutely no moving parts inside the unit. Music files are stored, with better sound, on an external NAS device, and connect it to the A Cappella II through the Roon interface. (No need for UPnP).
In my system, the DAC/amplifier is a NAD C390DD which is entirely digital, with the exception of the Phono module which is analog. Speakers are rather modest Reference 3A VEENA’s.

The sound is spectacular, even with CD files at 16/44. Musica Prisina products, and their outstanding support, deserve a serious look by any audiophile considering an upgrade, especially using Roon.

You may as well add that the price of entry starts at $6500 for what is basically a Linux-based networked Roon Bridge with a USB DAC connection.

Of course — make of that what you will.


Actually, that price you listed is for the “A Capella Network Player” model.
I have the “A Capella Master Mode” USB only version (no I2S board) at $3600. A bit pricy? Perhaps, but in the world of high-end Audio, where prices can be truly stratospheric, it is a bargain in my opinion. All in, I am significantly under $10k for my entire system, and that also includes a Pro-Ject turntable and Alpha Design Labs GT40 USB remote DAC/ADC interface that I use for ripping vinyl to digital.

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