Musical Chairs on Musical Services

One of the things that irritates me intensely about streaming services is that albums will come and go because of licensing changes without any warning whatsoever.

I sat down today to play albums by Andreas Vollenweider, only to discover that Qobuz has dropped all but one of his 14 albums that I have in my library. Fortunately, I had bought 5 previously, so they exist as local copies in the library - now I’m going to have to seek out the rest - and now not all are available for download purchase. :roll_eyes:

bit like the $499 lifetime roon…ya gotta jump on what ya want before its too late :crazy_face:

Yes, but the lifetime Roon offer is a clearly defined target - I’m playing the shell game with album streaming, and the punter always loses…

Obviously a good justification for buying music that you can’t live without.

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Almost next to my biggest gripe, which is that even if the do put the Vollenweider albums back up, they might be a different and hot compressed mix that sounds like garbage compared to what you used to play.

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You can improve your chances by subscribing to both Qobuz and Tidal:

When I play an album, I frequently click on versions to make sure I have a link to the highest resolution on both Tidal and Qobuz.

Nope, one service is enough, and I can invest in purchases.

I think the issue is not one of resolution, but quality of the release, i.e. mastering/ remastering.

I’d like Roon to deal with this a little more gracefully. More often than not one release is replaced by another yet tracks vanish from playlists and albums are unavailable. It’s be good if Roon suggested alternatives rather than having to do this manually.

I’m not disagreeing, just saying what I do. I don’t buy music and don’t own music. I just try to keep my Tidal and Qobuz linked to the best available. It can be a moving target.

So will lifetime subscription offers…