Musicals Sort with Classical

I have a number of musical show albums that sort with classical albums. Some started with classical genre tags that I unchecked. Some never had a classical genre tag. But they are included when I focus on classical. Sounds like a bug.


What genres are left on the album after you have removed Classical? “Show/Musical” is a sub-genre of Classical.

and there we are… :wink:

I would never want for any Show/Musical albums to pop up when focusing on Classical either… For me it was revelatory when I added my “non classical” folder to my Roon library… So many non-classical albums showing up when focusing on classical.
I got Tori Amos on my album list when focusing on classical? WTF? Just because she plays a Bösendorfer piano??? :wink:
There is certainly a “grey zone” when it comes to separating genres, but I think a lot of this stuff comes from the hierachy of genres, i.e. pop-albums tagged with a sub-genre that somebody thought belongs to “Classical”

For the time being, I removed the folder again and don’t add my non-classical music collection to Roon since it just drives me nuts.

That’s why I’m a strong advocate on just ignoring Genre when dealing with classical music and turn to the composition attributes instead. Form, Instrumentation, Period and stuff could give me all I need to focus properly.

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That’s it. The shows that sort with Classical have Show/Musical. The ones that don’t, don’t have Show/Musical. But isn’t this a mistake? Not many listeners would consider Guys and Dolls or Into the Woods as classical music.

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This is the description for Show/Musical:

Yes. “Guys and Dolls” and “Into the Woods” both fit that definition easily. But very few would consider them as Classical. There are very few musicals at the boundary of Classical. “Candide” comes to mind. But that doesn’t make the category a subset.