Musicbrainz access?

Does Roon utilize Musicbrainz? I’m trying to clean up album versions and the list of options for many of them is quite short within Roon (e.g. Beastie Boys 2009 Remasters not found) but are extensively listed within the Musicbrainz database. so what gives?

ill communication only has one relevant listing within roon, but as you can see here there are many:

and my specific version is here:

May not be of much help when you’re trying to automate everything, but I believe you can add “(remaster name/year/info here)” at the end of the folder name, and Roon will use that info.

The tags have already been validated against MB before even moving them to my music directory. When I select “none of these look right” I’m presented the option to search by Artist/Album and it still doesn’t bring up anything other than what was automatically detected.

once you identify the album, there are many editions of that album that exist on the last page… including the MB data.

are you not seeing it there?

it’s certainly possible I’m just not doing it right. I’ll take some screenshots tonight and we can go from there. thanks!

i have the 2009 remaster, but am only presented with these options…

On the page before this one select the album (or select Ill Communication on this page) and on the top left under the cover photo you should see 7 versions. Click through to see if any match your album.

I see your album as #1 of 7.

Does that help?


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oh wow, i totally missed that. thanks!

No worries. I’m finding new stuff all the time. I’m having a blast!

Wow, I never noticed that either, good stuff. Thanks Greg.